Android Marketplace is now Google Play

Ever since its inception, Google’s Android marketplace has been a huge hit in the mobile world. Over the years the collection of apps, music and videos has grown to unimaginable levels. Google feels that through the name of Android Marketplace it is losing out on precious brand value, due to which they have renamed it as Google Play. They felt the older name was restrictive and did not present a picture of what the company wanted to offer. Beginning from the 7th of March all of Google’s digital media services will roll under the name of Google Play.

This move is not a knee-jerk reaction but one that’s been in the making for a while now. Google has been contemplating a move to convert the marketplace into streamlined hub for digital media. To rent movies or buy music or e-books there is no need for an Android device as the name Android Marketplace suggests, because of which many users have ignored the service before.

Google Engineering Director Chris Yerga says, “The rebranding was something Google has been contemplating for quite some time, but the company felt that this was the “natural time” to pull the trigger.”

Along with the change in name comes rebranding and aggressive marketing by Google. The Play website design is going to make sure that people just don’t end up getting the apps that they need and leave. Their collection of music, video and books are going to be very visible on the website. The change should be effective on your mobile phones as well; you will find the marketplace under the name of Google Play Store. The move will trigger a slew of minor name changes; the Google music app is to be renamed as Google Play Music.

The one point behind all the renaming mayhem is the fact that Google is trying to reach out not only to the Android user base, but a consumer base beyond that. Google’s blog also states that Google Play will also vary depending on your location.

This is small excerpt from the blog:

In the U.S., music, movies, books and Android apps are available in Google Play. In Canada and the U.K., we’ll offer movies, books and Android apps; in Australia, books and apps; and in Japan, movies and apps. Everywhere else, Google Play will be the new home for Android apps.

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