Another chapter unveiled in the history of Face book – Launching of its App Center

Good news came to the fans and members of Face book with the launch of App center today that will help its members in exploring the software available on its social network. This App center features more than 600 applications that include services such as Pinterest and some popular games such as Bejeweled and Draw Something. The service will be available on desktop computers in addition to Android and iOS system based phones and tablets that run on Facebook’s own application.

The access to this App store will be first made available to the members in the United States and later on followed by the members in United Kingdom and in other countries. Face book further announced that each user would have a “personalized experience” based on the recommendations on what apps the users and their friends used. The company further added that only “high quality” apps would appear with the criterion based on members’ rating and its usage.

Face book informed that it drives traffic to apps, by pushing the users to iOS app store 83 million times during the month of May. By this statement, it can be concluded that the App Center is not a direct competitor to traditional app stores. Face book is hoping that it can use its strength to increase the popularity of its apps through its more than 900 million members thereby selling its’ own apps through the store. Some technology analysts are seeing this move as an astute one as the App Center will allow this social network to showcase the best apps based on the its extensive social data, which in turn will allow the users to login using their Face book details via Connect.

Announcing the proposed launch of App Center last month, Face book engineer Aaron Brandy said that the success through the App Center is tied to quality of an app. In addition to that, they use a variety of signals, such as user ratings, and engagement to determine if an app is listed in the App Center. There will be a star rating for each App that is based on Face book social graph like Apple’s App store.

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