Apple and Samsung’s new patent battle over ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’

Ice Cream Sandwich is the new version of Android from Google that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphones’ use. In a patent battle Apple has taken Samsung to the Federal Court in California. Apple has alleged four patent violations which includes voice command search, searching multiple sources to find information, identifying phone numbers from E-mails and slide to unlock phone features. They have requested a temporary ban on the selling of Galaxy Nexus smartphones.

Galaxy Nexus is the only phone in the market that runs on the newest Android version. But soon, there will be many hardware manufacturers who will adopt it, like HTC corp and Motorola Mobility. Both companies are involved in a separate patent battle with Apple.

The lawsuit was filed on February 8th in San Jose.  Apple accuses Samsung of infringing features that are found in an Apple phone and those features expected only from Apple phones.

An independent patent expert said that Google is guilty too. Google cannot deny their responsibility in the infringement findings. The expert also said the court will simply not put a temporary ban for nothing. It is for the patent it infringes upon. But Galaxy Nexus is the only one being taken to court because it’s the newest one. Also, Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitors.

Samsung was aware that Apple was taking them to court. They released a statement saying they will assert their intellectual property rights and will fight Apple’s claims.

Last year in April, Apple took Samsung to the same court. It alleged that Samsung copied iphone and ipad design features and how the screen icons look. The case is still ongoing, after that, Apple started suing for new products and different features.  Apart from the ones in California court, the two major companies are in more than 20 legal battles spanning across 10 countries.

While, Apple is the first to bring in new features, Samsung produces the highest number of Andriod handsets.

The legal battles might settle down but the actual battle between the major companies will not because they are both striving to make their global footprint larger than the other.

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