Beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii is the northern most island group of the Polynesian archipelago and is known for its beautiful sceneries and picturesque locations and also has a climate which makes it the most suitable locations for a perfect holiday. It has abundance of locations and landscapes which lure people from around the world to take a break from their hectic lives and holiday here. There are a lot of public beaches which attract people to spend some quality time and have loads of fun. Every single beach in Hawaii has a uniqueness about itself. Some beaches are located in remote and isolated places of the islands with undisturbed and tranquil surroundings which is excellent for people to rejuvenate from their strenuous lives.

One of the beaches in Hawaii which is attracts innumerable people from around the world is the Kailua beach park and it is famous for its calm turquoise waters and serene surroundings. It is the best place to free you from the world and bask in the tropical Hawaiian sun. The next best beach which one ought to visit while in Hawaii is the Hamoa beach in Maui with lush green vegetation around and it has also been voted as most attractive and luring beach in the whole of Hawaii. There are a lot of facilities available here for pampering the tourists like swimming, snorkeling and diving. It also has an attraction for enthusiastic surfers with occasional high surf. Poipu beach is also counted in by tourists as a beach which provides a lot of facilities and comfortable environment for enjoying a good holiday. It has a reef and abundance of fish in it to captivate a number of tourists to have a fun-filled diving experience. You can also spend some great time with the occasional visits of the monk seals and turtles in this part of the island. The Papohaku beach is also known as the three mile beach with breath taking sceneries surrounding it. It provides a perfect view of the Oahu Island. And this is also considered to be the best place to take a look into the Hawaiian cultureby attending the Moloka’i Ka Hula Piko festival. And there’s a lot more to do in around this beach and in the whole of Hawaii.

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