Bill and Giuliana in an expansion drive for their family and business

Soon to be new parents – Bill and Giuliana Rancic are in a jet speed mode to welcome their new baby and they are also planning to expand their RPM restaurant business. The married couple is expecting their child through gestational surrogate treatment method after several failed attempts via IVF treatment and a miscarriage. Giuliana now aged thirty six years is expecting the baby boy at the end of August. Giuliana – the E! News presenter and her husband Bill are also currently in the process of opening a restaurant businesses together.

The next eight weeks of Bill will remain hectic with both familial and business/professional obligations. Bill informed the Us Weekly magazine that both of them have opened the RPM Italian restaurant at the beginning of the year and both of them are really enjoying and having lots of fun. They have also decided to open another restaurant called RPM Steak in Chicago as well. This restaurant will be just two blocks away from the RPM Italian and they are also planning to open another one in Las Vegas for the next RPM.

Rancic admits that they are in a rush mode and the couple will be moving to a new house in Los Angeles as they have found a great house there that is under final stages of construction and he has to be there every day for getting it finished. They hope that they will move to this new house within the next three weeks. There is also a provision for nursery and they are in a hurry to get the house finished.

However, the family will spend their first couple of months together in Chicago but the baby will not be born in Los Angeles but will be born in Colorado. Therefore, the couple will be going from Colorado to Chicago and then spend some time in Chicago during the months of September and October. After that, they will come back to West Coast. The family will be traveling by bus taking them from Denver to Chicago. Bill adds that everyone is excited about the arrival of their son not only their family, but so many people out there. They are lucky to have the back up of the people who are following their journey.

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