Bill Gates’ Appeal to People across the World to Invest in Farming

Bill Gates in his distinctively quiet style has published a letter about the year ahead and what he feels should be accomplished in 2012. He has called on the world to re-vitalize ‘green revolution’ all over again. Green revolution was a concept introduced to the world by late Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug.

The former CEO of software giant Microsoft, gets to the point right away, when he mentions that 15% of the world population still lives in poverty and a majority of that population is made of farmers living on small farms. He goes on to add that the produce from these small farms is not good enough to feed even their own families. He calls for agricultural innovation which will create new tools and approaches to increase produce and transform the lives of millions of farmers, at the same time he admits his fear of dwindling funding for innovation in agriculture in the current political and economic climate.

“We can also discover new approaches and create new tools to fundamentally transform farmers’ lives. But we won’t advance if we don’t continue to fund agricultural innovation, and I am very worried about where those funds will come from in the current economic and political climate.” He says

Mr. Gates makes a case for small funds being invested into farming and agriculture, so that more poor farmers are able feed their families, if we fail to do so, one in seven people across the world will continue to starve, for no fault of theirs.

He hits the nail on its head when he says “my annual letter this year is an argument for making the choice to keep on helping extremely poor people build self-sufficiency.”

The innovation of today also needs to be applied by farmers; techniques like soil testing and drip irrigation have not been implemented in many parts of the world.

He points to various moving examples of farmers from different countries struggling to make ends meet and brings to light an alarming trend of decrease in farmers in richer countries.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, through their foundation have invested more than $2 Billion in the field of agriculture and continue to help people across the world.

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