Cameron’s Threat of Legal Action Not Enough for Ed Miliband

David Cameron in a latest statement against some 25 European countries has threatened to use legal force to avoid the use of institutions in a bid to protect Britain’s national interests. His opinions since the last meeting with his European counterparts has become more vocal and aggressive especially in regards to use of institutions that can negatively impact Britain’s already unstable economic situation. Cameron’s reactions were exasperated by the fact that the 25 member block in Europe has threatened to sideline or rather exclude the UK and Czech Republic in their use of joint institutions including European Commission and the European Court of Justice. This act has been hugely received flak from all corners in Britain and Cameron has been blamed for the current situation on account of Britain’s disapproval and consequent exit from negotiations that ended without Cameron’s participation last December.

Even when Cameron was suggested that Britain would be at a loss if he did not join the 25 European states to negotiate a settlement in lieu of the impending Eurozone crisis, he left a lot of unanswered questions when he actually left the scene of the negotiations. The leader of opposition, Ed Miliband has been swift and sharp in his criticism of the Prime Minister’s lack of insight and has gone further to suggest that Cameron wasted his power to veto the 25 member block from forming an alliance that eventually ties their financial policies together closely while leaving Britain out in the cold.

Many, including Ed Miliband believe that Cameron’s decision to exit from negotiations in December and failure to exercise his veto power was in fact an attempt at appeasing his coalition partner Nick Clegg. This speculation arose as a result of the Clegg’s presence at the negotiations in December along with Cameron. The onus of the eventual end to Britain’s financial woes coupled with isolation from the 25 strong European countries is being largely put on Cameron’s decision making skills. His decisions according to some will determine whether he’s seen as a Thatcher or Major.

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