Can Mitt Romney Revive Our Economy

Mitt Romney’s campaign is full steam ahead.  The GOP presidential candidate won the Iowa Caucus by a slim margin and then handled the primary in New Hampshire with relative ease; now he is setting his sights on South Carolina.  Romney, who some criticize to be too “wooden” and detached from the common man, is nonetheless on the right track to be the republican who battles President Barack Obama for the right to lead America back to greatness. 

Romney has been campaigning for quite some time now and has gained a large following of conservative groups that are desperate to make Obama a one-term president.  Mitt,who was the governor of Massachusetts and also the head of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics (which turned out to be a financial success), has a lot of experience in the private sector which spurs the notion that he could solve the economic debacle that is plaguing the United States.

In this era of politics, candidates undergo extreme scrutiny and there is always dirt to be dug up.  In Romney’s case, his adversaries are currently attacking his involvement with the investment firm called Bain Capital, claiming that his record there is smeared with corporate greed and massive layoffs.  He is in a pickle right now because there are workers in South Carolina who were fired thanks to Bain Capital and are demanding answers.  Romney’s political rivals are calling him a “corporate raider“; here is Mitt’s response to those critics:

“In each case where there was job loss, there was an effort on the part of the management team to try and preserve the businesses to have a brighter future.  The reality is in the private sector, that there are some businesses that are growing and thriving — and we were fortunate enough to be able to be part of that in a small way — and there’s some businesses that have to be cut back in order to survive to try to make them stronger. Sometimes you’re successful at that and sometimes you’re not…Any time a job is lost it’s a tragedy.”

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