Cannes film festival puts spotlight on rising stars

Cannes film festivalThe most publicized film festival on the globe is the Cannes film festival which is an annual event featuring new films and documentaries from around the globe belonging to directors of different cultures and origins. This film festival is considered to be the Launchpad for upcoming directors and film actors. The 2012 Cannes film festival is being held from May16 to May27 2012 at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. Nannimoretti, the Italian film director has been elected as the president of jury for the film festival. One more attractive feature of this film festival is that it has a large gathering of distributors from around the world which also helps film directors to publicize their films and debutant actors to showcase their talent and gain massive media attention.

This year’s Cannes film festival is set to feature a competition between the young talents that has entered the Hollywood film fraternity like ZacEfron, Kirsten Stewart, Shia Lebouf and the applauded talents of Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt and the other well-known names of the industry. Many new young actors from various film industries may be given attention as people think that it’s been a long time that the world hasn’t seen talented young actors with such range and intensity that these actors possess. Animation movies are also to be featured in this largely celebrated festival and opening the screening and promotion campaign is the ostentatious world premiere of Wes Anderson’s children’s fantasy ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and the animated hit Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Wes Anderson is really excited about attending the film festival as this will be the first time he will be doing so. The publicity of new films also features the talents of Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson.Robert will also be featuring in a film named ‘Cosmopolis’ which will be competing Palme d’Or. Other film directors and winnerswho previously contended for the palme d’Or are again in for contention with their films like Micheal Haneke with his film ‘Amour’, Abbas Kiarostami with ‘Like someone in love’ and Briten Ken Loach with ‘The angels share’. It will be great to see how the young talent fares in this film festival and how much of media attention they gain. But such film festivals prove to be really beneficial for many belonging to the film industry as they provide a good platform for upcoming directors and actors and also to impress the picky critics.

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