Banish Three Common Misconceptions about Book Publishing

Many writers, who are new to writing a book, live under the illusion that all they need to be famous as an author is writing a highly thought-provoking novel or an emotional rollercoaster or mimic other famous authors and then publish it.  As an author, it may be easy for you to imagine things in your smart yet quirky mind, but it’s a completely different scenario in the real world. The popular book authors of the world haven’t become successful this way. They have put their brains and hard work into writing each and every creation of theirs and an equal amount of effort into publishing and promoting them.

Convincing a publisher to publish your book is actually very difficult. Very few writers have a way with large publishers. If you are new to the book publishing industry, you might be having some really wrong notions about what works are easily published and what are not. So, before trying to get your work published, banish some of these false beliefs pervading the book industry.

Publishing a book will shoot you to immediate fame. If you thought this is true, wake up. When there are lots of writers publishing their book every year, you stand a chance to succeed only if your book passes certain standards required by the industry. Though there is no one rulebook to be followed for writing a good book, you must make sure the quality of your work is good, your writing makes sense and the topic on what you write is equally appealing to the masses you are targeting your book at.

5 Quick Promotional Tips for Book Authors

Are you an author searching for quick promotional ways to market your written book in an effective way? If yes, then you are on right track to promote your book in the international market and acquire great recognition. As a matter of fact the book promotional techniques are neither expensive nor time consuming and hence highly preferred by many authors for explicit promotion of their book. Some of the crucial and quick book promotional tips are mentioned below.

  1. Develop a Website or Personal Blog: It is highly recommended for every author to have his own blog. Such a blog will happen to be a great place for the readers to know more about the author and his upcoming work. Make sure that you timely post updates regarding the upcoming projects and releases that you are currently working on. This will play a vital role in developing a buzz about your book and greater number of people will wait for its launch in the market. As a result, you can experience a large number of sales of your book even on first day of your book release.
  2. Delve into the Social Media: The social media is well-known as an effective media to promote a huge number of books and products in the international market. This is so, because people tend to use various social networking sites on daily basis. Hence, it is recommended to make use of social networking sites to effectively market your upcoming book. Make efforts to create an author page on popular Facebook website and a professional profile on LinkedIn. See to it that you post images, updates and interact with your followers on regular basis. This will greatly help you in instant promotion.
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Manage your business costs before it’s too late

The most important factor which a person needs to consider while setting up a business of any sort is properly managing the business costs. Perhaps it is an open secret that whenever you fail to manage your business costs appropriately, you tend to make less profit as compared to your investments and if this process continues, eventually your business ends up dying a rather premature yet miserable death.

Though business plan is a formidable component of your business as it is the sole thing with which you can successfully end up securing a loan from the banks and without which the lending entities or the investing bodies might not even consider your request, managing business costs is what leads you in successfully utilizing the loans you procured and enables you to earn enough profit to settle your debts and make your business prosperous.

Especially in the case of small businesses, cost management turns out to be a point of great concern for the first time business owners or the entrepreneurs, but such people, fortunately, have access to business startup loans or some other sort of funding which could always assist in overcoming the financial stress, which they may suffer from anytime in future, that is, only and if only they fail to manage their costs effectively. A business plan could always prove to be an effective way to show investors, the extent of your indulgence with your business initiative and the fact that you know how to make it successful. With some extra financial help, probably, ta small business can always pull through tough times, incurred via ineffective cost management, and remain a viable business.

Following the example of some of the prominent business companies what most people think is, cost management should be closely linked to the strategies regarding corporate growth as it is believed that the challenge is not only to lower the costs applied of the business but also to out invest the companies competing with you on growth. Due to this believe most people think that programs related to cost cutting seldom secure or develop the company’s product or service as the benefits would go straight to the bottom line of the business or simply to the customers in the form of discounted prices.

Entire village of Tuscan up for sale on eBay

The 800 years old Pratariccia – a medieval village perched on the hilltops above the Tuscany’s Casentino Valley has been put on sale on eBay for a price of 2.5 million Euro or about $3.1 million. This beautiful village is located 22 miles east of Florence in Italy and is nestled among oak trees at 850 meters altitude with the panoramic view of the Casentino Valley. The village of Pratariccia has been uninhabited and is one of the hundreds of abandoned and semi-abandoned hilltop villages in the stunning locations of Italy that have been now became an attractive business options for real estate developers.

Now the owners of this remote village who are reportedly a religious order are seeking to cash in with an online sale. Earlier they had tried to sell this village through other agencies but failed to get the buyers for this price. The price tag of €2.5 million may seem a little expensive for most of the holiday home buyers but the deal comes with an offer of 25 cottages and nearly 20 acres of land. The village of Pratariccia remains abandoned since 1960’s as most of youngsters moving out in search of better opportunities and time taking its toll on elderly. Now this village resembles a ghost town with its traditional Tuscan stone homes lying in dilapidated condition and at worst on the verge of collapse.

Federal Reserve’s shocking revelation figures of fall in the Net worth Incomes of American Families

The Federal Reserve Survey of the Consumer Finance revealed shocking details of how the current economic crisis left the median American family in 2010 with incomes declining to the levels of early 1990’s that erased almost two decades of accumulated prosperity. This report covers the years 2007 to 2010 exhibiting the impact of the so called Great Recession. The median family income fell to $45,800 in 2010 from $49,600 in 2007 after adjusting these figures for inflation.  About three quarters of the loss is ascribed directly to the crash in the housing prices.

Familial incomes continued to decline which was a trend prior to the crisis but speeded up over the same period. This survey which is released every three years is one of the broadest and deepest sources of information about the financial health of the American families.The study further highlighted that drop in net worth is marked more in Black and Hispanic households than in Whites.

Facebook debut on Wall Street igniting up the expectations of the investors

Facebook the world’s No.1 online social networking site has raised about $16 billion making it one of the biggest initial public offerings or IPO in the American History. Rumors are rife with speculation about how much higher will the valuation goes up, once the actual trading begins. Facebook priced its offering at $38 per share on Thursday. But there is some amount of bullishness that is doing rounds as some expect that the price of the share would rise by about 30 percent or more on Friday.

Facebook is valued at $104 billion and is bigger than the combined valuation of Hewlett Packard and Starbuck Corp thereby raising higher expectations and speculation about its valuation when once the shares start trading under the FB Symbol at NASDAQ at around 11:00 AM Eastern Time. Facebook’s chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg is expected to ring the bell at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters today morning to official commence the trading session on the NASDAQ.

Greece Crisis once again dominated global economy – Global shares, commodities tumble

The European markets are expected to follow their Asian counterparts and financial analysts and speculators predicting that the main European Markets such as FTSE, GDAXI, and FCHI may open lower with 0.3 percent and the Europe Stock Futures up by 0.3 percent.

The Asia-Pacific shares of MSCI’s broadest index outside Japan MIAPJ0000PUS pushed back to as low as 1.1% which a four month low and then shedding some losses  to 0.4%. The worst performance came from commodities that dragged down the Australian shares AXJO. On the other hand, a sturdy yen and exporters with high exposure to Europe were responsible for Japan’s Nikkei average N255 tumbling down as much as 1.5%.

The U.S Bench mark S&P or Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes SPX fell below the key support line at 1,340 and bank shares took a severe beating because of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. suffering a trading loss which is estimated to reach $3 billion or more. The euro dashed to a four month low of $1.2814 and in the same way the Australian dollar hit a low of $0.9945.

Currencies that are usually regarded as a safe bet for their stability have stayed well in the form of U.S dollar and the yen, with the dollar index .DXY gaining an up momentum of a four month peak of 80.739.

Absence of Government in Greece

Even after 8 days of election, Greece is not able to form a government. Another bout of elections seems to be on horizon with a strong political opposition to international bail out and austerity measures. It is unlikely that anti-bail out leftists will win even if new elections are held. European leaders are quite firm on their posture that they will cut off the funding unless and until the Greece government fulfills its bailout commitments.

Google gets Motorola to defend its position against rival Apple

In a substantial bid to defend its current position, Google has been working on a number of fronts like launching a social networking platform, revamping its privacy policy, revamping its web persona and now the unparalleled and yet unrivalled search giant has acquired several patents from Motorola as a strategic move to strengthen the Android phone market. It is expected that new models of Motorola will now bear the Android version that will be seen as Google’s expansion into the mobile sphere that is currently dominated by smart phones from Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and the recently launched Lumia series from Nokia.

With an initial profile of a mere search engine, Google has delivered immense value to internet users through its thoughtful email platform and the recently launched social networking facet for its users, Google+. Although the latter hasn’t caught on, Google’s strategy is to enable the Android market by acquiring the mobile giant Motorola to extent the influence of its products over to the mobile users, which is being seen as a highly portent market especially in the Asian and South Asian markets where mobile use and presence has more than quadrupled in the last few years.

U.S Banks and Government agree to a $25 Billion Settlement

In a landmark agreement, five major US banks, State and Federal Governments made a deal for $25 billion over foreclosure abuses. The five banks namely Bank of America Corp, Wells Fargo & Co, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup Inc and Ally Financial Inc will now reduce loans for over 1 Million households and will also send $2,000 checks to about 750,000 households that were foreclosed improperly.

Such a huge deal involving one industry has not happened since the 1988 multi-state tobacco deal. Out of the 50 states, 49 of them agreed to the deal amicably except Oklahoma. They came to an agreement on their own.

The deal comes at a crucial time, when the President is seeking re-election and the deal could act in his favor. Especially, the settlement in the public eye appears to be strict action taken by the Government on banks that have rarely been questioned before. What the deal will also do is to try to put the housing sector back on its feet. At this moment it appears to be the biggest weak-link in the economy. The depreciation value of homes is about 33% from 2006 and many homeowners owe more money than their houses are worth.


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