DataBar only Coupons to Flood the Market

For a long time now, the retail market has been longing for standardization of coupons and the way they are read and processed. They have often come in different formats with varying style of bar codes, each type carrying information in a unique way. The lack of a industry standard has been tough on consumers and retailers. Extra time for coupon processing during checkouts, wide spread fraud and if something went wrong; customer service professionals of retailers often had days to forget. To put an end to this farce comes the widespread adoption of coupons bearing the GS1 DataBar, which will be implemented nation-wide.

A recent Sunday freestanding insert from SmartSource contained a “marked uptick” in the number of manufacturer coupons bearing the GS1 DataBar as the sole bar code, noted Alan Williams, vice president of application development for Ahold USA, Landover, Md.

The large scale implementation has been couple of years in the making after facing many roadblocks. Finally, the DataBar, an information-rich bar code will flood the market to provide relief to retailers and customers. A single format approach will iron out issues in coupon processing leading to efficient checkouts in retails stores and a serious clamp down on coupon fraud.

Celebrate Father’s Day with dining deals and freebies, coupons for your Special Dad

Father’s day celebrations are in the air this weekend.  So, celebrate Father’s Day in South Florida style with tasty dining deals and fun things to do with your dad on this Saturday and Sunday.  Prove your love for your big daddy that he is number one with free visits to local attractions and free entrees and treats at the restaurants. All the Dad and Grad 2012 stores are offering featured coupons and you can download these coupons from the website of This site is a leading online coupon destination and adds hundreds of money saving Father’s Day Coupons and graduation gift coupons that help you to save on gifts for both Dads and graduates.

Some of the eating out destinations for your father this weekend includes the below mentioned offers-

  • NYY Steak:  Dads who dine at NYY Steak at Coconut Creek –Florida on Sunday gets a free lobster tail with any steak entrée at the new restaurant inside the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. Reservations are required.

Shopping smart with coupons

Shopping smart with couponsRecently, my sister in law showed me her stash of free or almost free stuff. A cupboard full of tooth brushes, toilet rolls, gloves etc. She then let me in on her secret system of coupon saving strategies that help her shave off over 400$ each month on groceries and daily needs.

There are three sources for coupons, the Sunday paper, sites which offer coupons you can print out and mailing lists for stores. So the first step is to go out and gather the coupons. Buy a Sunday paper and then religiously go through the thick stack of coupons that come with it clipping out the coupons for items you use in your daily routine. Before you go shopping to a store, check if there is a sale or event on at any local stores or coupons available online of any product you need to buy. And finally put yourself on mailing lists for stores where you usually shop.

Does everybody love Coupons?

Shopping is a world-wide phenomenon and coupons are the biggest attractions for shoppers these days. As shopaholics will tell you; they love deals and bargains. So let’s take a look and see if Coupons are restricted to specific group of shoppers or if everybody loves these coupons?

Traditionally coupons were in paper form and had an exclusive code on them and they could be exchanged at store for a specific % off your purchase or get goodies or gifts. In today’s world E-coupons have revolutionized the market for coupons. Coupons can be bought online at a click of a mouse and have these coupons sent to your cell-phones and redeem them by showing the message to the retailer. All terms and conditions and the fine print of the deal are available online before you even buy it.

PayPal to Venture into Daily Deals

PayPal in a landmark announcement has revealed that it will enter the discount coupon market to take on the likes of Groupon. It is planning to offer a service that will personalize the process of offering coupons based on buying habits and mobile phone locations.

At this juncture, PayPal has tied-up with 200 U.S merchants for the service, says Anuj Nayar, a PayPal spokesperson. He declined to comment on the names of the merchants. The service is most likely to be rolled out to customers before April 2012; the first point of entry will be the mobile-deals segment.

Money Consciousness

Today everyone has a budget, which is a monetary plan that someone sets up to in order to organize their expenses and spending. The concept of finding discounts has grown into a monster recently and good deal is what all shoppers are on the look out for. Consumer’s eyes light up when they see a valuable coupon or a “sale” sign at stores. Vendors implement discounting in order to promote short-term sales and to get rid of their products that are out of date. The decrease in pricing of a good or service makes it easier for someone to spend in accordance with his or her budget. In other words, discounting and coupons help those that are in financial constraints avoid unfortunate situations where they don’t have the opportunity to buy what they need.


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