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Job Description:


Candidates will need to be able to work independently although they will partner with another team member during each shift. Past experience in a large environment, experience with production support, and experience with ticketing systems wouldbe very helpful for this role.

Need A New Job? Five Growing Careers That People With Sales Experience Should Consider

Experience in sales is beneficial for advancing in a current career field and opportunities in other industries and areas. The skills gained from a sales position create job candidates who have the communication, interpersonal, customer service and computer proficiency skills to be successful in any career. Here are a few opportunities for candidates with sales experience to consider when looking for a new career:

Product Promoter

Product promoters are an integral part of the sales industry. When products are stocked on store shelves, from hardware to beauty products, product promoters are often behind the scenes demonstrating the products to sell to the stores. Product promoters are also part of floor shows in almost every industry. They must be able to work well with others and be comfortable speaking in front of large groups.

Graduate Right: 5 Degrees that Can Get You a Job at Almost Any Business

It is difficult enough to find a good job these days, let alone with a company that you truly want to work for. You need to find a versatile degree that will work for your career path, even if you are not sure exactly what you want to do yet. Here are a few degrees versatile enough to help you secure a job even if you are unsure about your future:

Computer Information Systems

A computer information systems degree can do wonders for your career, especially with the emergency of technology in the workforce. Obtaining a UAB Information Systems Masters online will help boost your stock in any field, especially as businesses are looking to fulfill their needs. This degree will teach you everything you need to know about software development, coding and engineering.

Things To Consider When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting time for any one person, let alone an entire family, but people try not to think about the enormity of the situation itself. There are lots of things to consider when you’re moving to a different country especially if you have already built yourself a life in the country you are currently in. Lots of planning needs to be going into it and you can never be too ahead of yourself. Making lists is a sure fire way of being able to keep track of everything but below is a list of the bare basics you need to to be thinking about.

Employment – If you and/or your spouse are already in employment then you need to think about making a resignation letter and also being aware of how much notice you need to be giving your employer before actually leaving. It can take from 1 all the way to 6 weeks before you leave your job so make sure you give it plenty of time, beside you’ll need your time to be spare to pack away belongings etc. You also need to think about what employment you will have when you get to your new home, do you have something lined up or do you need to prematurely job hunt? Try to get as many interviews as you can when arriving so you have the best chance of becoming employed.

The current premises – If you have any loans, mortgages, leases etc then you need to think about whether these things need to be paid off or what can be worked out between you and either your landlord or mortgage providers. Or if you are trying to sell your house then you need to make sure you have a buyer that can move in as soon as possible so that you don’t need to be sorting it out in a different country. Make sure the house or flat is in top condition when you leave it, if you do not own the property this is essential anyway but if you’re trying to sell you need it to be spotless.

5 Hobbies Which Look Great On Your CV

The purpose of a curriculum vita is to present relevant training and skills without being wordy. However, a prospective employer also wants some idea of who you are and what factors influence your personality. This helps him or her to determine whether you are suitable for a position and will fit in with the organization. Some hobbies create a favorable impact in demonstrating a person’s desirable personal qualities.

Sports Activities

Many companies have softball teams and other sports activities that can utilize your athletic skills for team building and forming close work relationships. Golf, tennis, softball, basketball, cycling and running can all have value for a company’s in-house and community programs. Don’t be afraid to list your athletic skills and accomplishments.

Learning New Languages

A potential employee that uses their free time to learn a new language shows a number of qualities that are highly desirable. First, learning a language indicates the person has a high level of personal discipline. Language is an accretion of knowledge that requires diligence over a period of time. These are characteristics that are often needed on the job. Learning language also shows an openness to new ideas and skills, which is often needed in job positions. Learning language creates new synapses in the brain, which helps to improve memory and concentration. A language learner is usually the kind of employee that can be depended on to stick to a task to its completion.

Some of the top trends in the executive employment market

The ExecuNet, which is a business and career membership network for senior level executives, has released its annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report-2013. It revealed that the executive recruiters are more positive than they have been in the past five years. The report surveyed a large proportion of business executives that provided a fresh insight into some of the top trends that truly reflect the trends in the executive employment market. Some of the top trends in the Executive Employment Market as per its report are discussed herein below for the benefit of the readers and some of these trends are:

  1. In spite of the slow growth in the overall economy, 45% of executives are thinking about alternatives. Even those who feel good, majority of them have recognized that there is no job security. In the next 12 months, about 34% of executives are thinking about leaving their organizations, about 7% of executives are preparing to leave organizations and 4% are expected to leave their parent organizations. Executives working in the technology sector report the greatest likelihood of making a job change.
  2. Executives have learned to be prepared for the unexpected happenings due to uncertainty over the last few years. They have learnt not be complacent about their careers. Even though, the executives who were surveyed showed higher levels of organizational pride, respect to the boss, engaging and fulfilling work, and close relationship with their colleagues, nearly half of the surveyed executives are in job search state of mind and just over a half gave a new role some consideration during 2012.
  3. Receiving viable calls from the executive search firms is expected to be the likely trigger for executives to look for a new role in 2013. Even though, executive search firms have reported having a tough time in connecting with top talent by phone or other communication modes than in previous year that is in 2012.
  4. The survey has also thrown light on the fact that executives leave their companies frequently because of the people who manage them and therefore management of the concerned organizations must be vigilant at creating the right environment with the right opportunities to keep their top executives from jumping fence over to greener pastures.
  5. The survey further revealed that those at the very top of the organization such as CEO’s, Presidents, and COO’s are motivated to stay for the opportunity they have to help drive their parent companies directions and decisions. Some of the reasons for these top level executives to stay with their current employers include their relationship with other executives and subordinates, opportunity for input into the organization’s direction and decisions, their work location – City or State, their job skills and interests that fits appropriately with their current job position. Thus, these are the some top five trends happening in the executive search/employment market.

A Drought in Teen Summer Jobs- Especially for Minorities

Alarm bells have rung on the teenage summer jobs in the United States with less than three out of ten American teenagers holding jobs such as busing restaurant tables, mowing lawns or running cash registers as per the data released from June to August. This fall is the lowest one in teen summer jobs in the age group of 16 to19 since World War-II and the decline is on its lowest ebb since 2000. In totality, it is estimated that more than 44% of the teens requiring summer jobs are not getting them or if they did get the job, they had to work for fewer hours than they would prefer.

The latest statistics on summer jobs released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a much gloomy picture for minority – low income teens. The chances of being employed in summer jobs for blacks, Hispanics and teens in lower income families are quiet grim.

The statistics reveals that Hispanics in families whose family income is less than $40,000 faced difficulties in finding summer jobs (only 19% are employed) while those middle class black teens with a family income of $75,000-$100,000 were fairly better that is about 28% of them are employed. In case of African- American teens with a family income of less than $40,000 a year (14% are employed) and in case of white teens with a family income of $100,000-$150,000- 44% are employed.

The State of Arizona ranks highest in the United States for its share of U.S. teens who are not able to get the summer jobs they desired and the unemployment rate among teens in this state is 58%. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the teen employment may never return to pre-recession levels. The reason for a sharp decline in the teen summer job employment is attributed to the immigrants, older workers and debt laden college graduates who are taking away low-skill work as they are facing turmoil in finding their own jobs in the weak economy.

Mayer’s second week at the top!

John Mayer has scored a second week at the top of the Billboard 200 chart with his latest album ‘Born and Raised’. The album being his fifth studio recorded album landed the top spot in a week of slow sales and has sold 65,000 copies to retain the No.1 position. This is the first time the American singer has held the top position for more than a week.  The Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and musician’s new Columbia records album has not only debuted at no.1 in 6 countries – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark and the United States but has also topped the iTunes in 30 territories worldwide.

Mayer has earned some redemption from his fans after his album topped the charts on Wednesday, beating stiff competition from rocker Slash and several American Idol alumni. He made headlines in 2010 with a string of controversial comments about his personal life. The singer is currently unable to sing due to a type tumor in his throat called granuloma. He had previously topped the charts with ‘Heavier Things’ in 2003 and ‘Battle Studies’ in 2009. British songstress Adele retained the no. 2 spot with her single ‘21’ which sold 58,000 copies. The reason behind the boosted sales was NBC Television’s ‘Adele: Live in London’ special which was aired over the weekend.

United States employment prospects look dull in the midst of Euro zone Debt Crisis

The latest U.S. Job report does reflect a gloomy employment situation in the United States with the creation of just 69,000 jobs. This figure is far less than the expected 165,000 jobs that economists hoped to get created this season amidst the Euro Zone Debt crisis. The news of dismal job report left the U.S Stocks bleeding and felling more than 2 percent on Friday thereby dragging the Dow Jones into a negative territory.

The job growth rate in the United States is the slowest and weakest during the past 12 month period. In addition to the alarming job outlook in the United States, investors are having fears about the Euro Zone debt crisis that resulted in the unemployment growth rate to peak at 11% in Europe. Leading economists opine that in case the Euro zone fractures then it will lead to the economy of United States facing a critical situation.

The jobless or unemployment rate at this point of time in United States is around 8.2 percent with the month of April being too worse for hiring. The payrolls figures have been revised down from 115,000 to 77,000 jobs only being added. The pay roll figures for the month of March were also revised down. Thus, for the straight three months period the job rate turned weak when compared with the job growth rate earlier this year, when the U.S economy was adding jobs of over 200,000 per month.

Service sector growth and hopes associated with it

Service sector growthThe ADP National Employment Report released in March showed the private sector growth was on the rise. The private sector added 209,000 positions last month which was slightly above the economists expectations of a 200,000 gain in jobs. ADP also revised the job gains seen in January and February to 182,000 and 230,000 respectively. This report is jointly developed with Macroeconomic Advisers LLC.

The analysts said that it would not change their forecasts for the governments more comprehensive labor market report due on Friday that includes public and private sector employment. Data from other sources revealed that the U.S service sector also showed signs of growth in the last month though the pace of overall growth slowed which the analysts say was expected as the index ran up to a year high in February. Anthony Chan, chief economist, JPMorgan Private Wealth Management said “the positive effects seen at the beginning of the year are starting to wear off but the easing in activity is not as bad as some had feared and overall the data tells us that the recovery continues uninterrupted”. These reports were overshadowed on Wall Street as investors were disappointed by the Federal Reserve’s decision to back away from the idea of launching a third round of monetary action as there was a gradual improvement in the recovery, minutes from the U.S central banks last meeting on Tuesday showed. This caused the U.S stocks to go down more than 1% in afternoon trading. The federal reserves assessment remained cautious while the economists expect a slow growth in the first quarter compared to 3% annualized rate seen in the last months of the previous year.


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