Staged Accidents: A Common Threat for Drivers

Scam artists today seek every opportunity to take advantage of people and rob unsuspecting individuals of their money. Once thought of primarily as pickpockets, fortune tellers, and card cheats, scammers today can be as seemingly innocuous as the family driving next to you on the highway.

This con, also known as “cash for crash” or “slam-ons” have been around for many years but has become more prevalent as crafty slicksters find more creative ways to bilk insurance companies and unsuspecting motorist. Most commonly, the con sets up or manipulates a scenario in which they are hit from behind by the victim. This is a very organized operation, often involving tow truck drivers, and even medical professionals who partner with cooks to file fake claims. 

Valentine’s Day Can be A Blast or A Crash

Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the nation. Loved ones giving gifts, expressing their gratitude towards one another. It also signifies fun events, dinners, socializing and drinking. The combination of the four can often equal disaster and crash the party, with a turnout of events that can be fatal as well.

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that in 2011 there were over 38,000 vehicle accidents in the city of Houston. This averages to at least one crash every 15 minutes. These statistics also show that a large portion of the car accidents take place on holidays. New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Valentine’s Day are the leading holidays for crashes.

Newly Single? Don’t Fall Victim to the Valentine’s Day Blahs

When you’ve recently suffered from a breakup, there are few things worse than seeing happy couples and romance. The hearts, flowers and sickening sentiment of Valentine’s Day can almost make the whole situation even worse. But why stay at home, climb into a tub of ice cream and wallow in misery? This V-Day, instead of spending your hard-earned cash on someone who doesn’t appreciate it, you can spend it on making sure you have a great time. Gather up your single friends and make some plans. This could turn out to be the best V-Day yet.

Just because you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the whole day is ruined. In fact, the pressure of V-Day is officially off your shoulders this year, meaning you don’t have to get presents, write cards or even go out for an expensive and crowded dinner. Instead, think about treating yourself. Getting a group of your single pals together can be equally, if not more fun than a date. Get your creative juices flowing and start dreaming up a great way to spend the day.

Mothers are Making Positive Steps to Decrease Drunk Driving

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t drink and drive. However, after having a few beers, that drive home doesn’t seem like any problem at all. After all, you’re sober, right? Wrong! Depending on your sex, height and weight, reaching the 0.08 blood alcohol limit is relatively easy to achieve with just a couple of cocktails, beers or a few glasses of wine. Though you may feel perfectly sober, a Breathalyzer test will see it differently, thus putting you in jeopardy of picking up a DUI arrest or even getting in an accident. So how can you avoid this?

The fight against drunk driving and preventing DUI accidents has gone high-tech, thanks to a push from Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD). According to a recent post on their blog, new technology and prototypes are currently in development that would prevent a drunk driver from even having the ability to start the vehicle. An invisible, automobile-grade system would be able to detect alcohol use from a person’s breath.

Five Famous Cases of the Wrongfully Accused

The consequences of wrongful convictions are devastating, and false accusations often dog victims for the rest of their lives. False criminal charges can negatively impact one’s employment and general reputation; it is imperative to contact a lawyer to defend your case as quickly as possible. Consider these five cases of wrongful persecution:


When Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry the VIII, failed to produce a male heir, the king and his advisors accused her of adultery and treason in an effort to negate their marriage. Members of the king’s court were interrogated and even tortured into admitting to affairs with the queen. Anne and four other men were executed for their alleged crimes. 

5 Ways Divorce Can Make You and Your Family Stronger

If somebody told you that divorce was going to make your family stronger, you probably would not believe them. In reality, divorce can actually bring your family closer together. You may not be married to your ex-spouse anymore, but you are still co-parenting. You still have a responsibility to your children to make it all work.

One-on-one Time

As much as you may hate to give up custody of your children every other weekend, your children will have a chance to spend time with each parent one-on one. This allows them to get to know both mom and dad separately. You may be surprised at how quickly the dynamic of your relationship changes. Plus, you will have some alone time to regroup.

Set Aside Emotions

Instead of thinking that taking certain actions as a parent will hurt your relationship as a couple, you can put your children first. Of course this also means that you cannot allow bad emotions to come between you and your ex-spouse. Communication is still important in spite of the fact that you are no longer in a relationship. Your Indianapolis law office will help you determine how to communicate effectively.

Basic Steps You Need To Know About Adopting Child

Adopting a child can be a blessing to you and your family just as much as having a biological child. It is a gracious gesture to open your home and heart to someone in need by making a commitment to raise a child who is not biologically yours. This not only brings joy to the child, but to the forester family as well. Adoption is not such an easy task; it requires extensive planning and preparation, which at times may overwhelm you. It may also put a large financial obligation on your part. Here are basic steps you need to know about adopting child.

Learn and Research about Adoption

After making the decision to adopt a child, the first thing you need to do is to determine what gender, age, ethnicity, region and race the child will come from. As a potential adoptive parent, you will need to consider the social and emotional implications to you and the child in each type of adoption. You should also evaluate your ability to tolerate risk. It is crucial for you to know what types of placement are allowed in your state because, adoption laws in the state where you live will govern your adoptive options. If you are pursuing an adoption for a child living in a different state, you will need to comply with the adoption laws from the two states before you are allowed to adopt the child. You can learn more about what is expected of you from various information resources, including magazines, local libraries, referrals and the Internet.

Choose an Agency

You can easily find a suitable agency to help you find a child to adopt, through the Internet. It is imperative for you to work with a licensed agency in the state where you live. Review several agencies to find out the kind of children available for placement, their fee structure, how they prepare and assess families, and the length of time the assessment will take. You can as well get referrals from parents who have previously adopted a child.

Most Important Elements Of A Slip And Fall Case That Must Be Proven To Win The Claim

Frustrating enough, slip and fall case claims often fail because of their often vague natures. However, this does not necessarily mean that you would always be trapped on a dead end upon filing a claim for this type of case.

The commotion could simply be solved by knowing how to spot and prove the existence of elements that would prop your case.

Look for Hints of Negligence

One of the common causes of tripping and slipping is negligence on the side of the property owner. As such, proving the negligence of the property owner would definitely give you a large chance to win a slip and fall case.

Check if the owner or the staff of the property was able to organize their products or their things properly.
Particularly, try to ask these questions:

Did they provide shelves or organizers to cleanly arrange the things or the products that are displayed or contained within the property?

2. Were the sizes of these shelves or organizers enough to accommodate all of the items in the property? Particularly, do the stuffs have the tendency to fall on the floor or splatter anywhere else?

Breach of Contract – Litigation News UK

Contractual litigations take place when someone breaches a contract of some kind. Such litigations are expensive and also take time to complete. Such litigations procedures are capable of destroying business relationships. In addition due to such litigation processes cost of the contract increases. Due to this people try to avoid any type of litigation under any circumstance.

Not long ago UK justice secretary has claimed that UK is best place to litigate a lawsuit. For finding solution to the legal problems UK is the cheapest and also the quickest. However, even though such claims are being made, it is essential that you get consultation from experienced solicitors specialised in litigation Jersey.

Contract Law of the UK

Before going any further, let’s take a look at the fundamental principles of England’s contract law. The basic arrangement includes formation of contract, contents of contract and end of the contract.

In the UK law three basic essentials are used to create a contract, including agreement, contractual intent and deliberation. The major focus of a contract is that both the parties come to an agreement. For example an agreement occurs when one of the parties provides an offer and another accepts it. Without this agreement a contract cannot exist. To decide whether this agreement is reached, the court takes a test.

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    Breach of contract litigation is very interesting. All cases are different, and good litigation in such cases comes (in my jurisdiction) with both a waterproof legal paragraph, and a good presentation of the facts. Very interesting to read about these cases in different jurisdictions!

A Step By Step Guide To Help You When Injured

When you are injured at work, your employer should have a standard process for you to follow. Following the proper procedures will ensure that your injury is handled correctly and that you are properly compensated for time missed from work. Below is a step-by-step guide to follow if you are injured on the job.

Reporting Your Injury

First and foremost, you want to assess your injury. If you feel you need urgent help, call 911 immediately. If you do not feel that calling 911 is necessary, you should take care of your injury, report the injury to your boss and file an injury report. If your injury is serious, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer Lafayette LA to receive legal advice.

Safety Gear

If you work in a location that requires you to wear safety equipment, hopefully you had on your safety boots, glasses and any other safety gear required when you received your injury. These things do help prevent injuries, but if you do get injured, the injuries should not be as bad as they would be if you had no safety gear on.

Receiving Medical Attention

After your injury, if you think you need medical attention, find a co-worker to take you to the hospital. You should never attempt to drive yourself when you are injured. Go to the closest urgent care facility or emergency room. When you go to sign-in, make sure the hospital staff is aware that this injury happened to you at work so that the proper paperwork is processed.


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