The Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

When you’re the owner of a small and growing business, quality customer service is one of the key elements to your success. However, when you run a smaller-scale operation, finding the time to respond to every customer personally can be difficult. When your phone goes unanswered or to voicemail, potential customers can get frustrated and simply decide to contact your competitor. When you can’t get to the phone as often as you’d like, having dedicated customer relations staff on hand can improve consumer trust in your brand, but many find it difficult in terms of space and finances to employ operators. How does a business owner find balance?

How To Find The Best Technology That Fits Right For Your Home

If you are a homeowner looking to equip your house with the latest and greatest technology, there are a variety of options you can explore in order to give your home some technological spice. Whether its installing a new entertainment system, looking for the best internet service or looking to install a home security system, here is a quick overview of what you can do to get your house up to speed with the latest technologies.


By far, one of the biggest assets that most individuals look for in a home is having access to high speed internet. There are a variety of high speed internet options available for individuals such as cable, fiber optics, 4G and satellite. For the most part, homeowners should stick with more stable options such as cable and fiber optic internet connections. These are usually offered large cable and telecommunication companies. If you have multiple computers within your home, these services will prove to be the most reliable given that they generally have faster speeds compared to 4G and satellite-based internet connections.

Learn Touch Typing With Google Chrome

If you work with texts much, or writing for websites or blogs is your hobby, you’d probably like to improve your typing skills and learn touch typing finally! Well, if you are a user of Google Chrome browser, you will have some assistants here. Some of them are based on serious approach and systematic trainings, and other ones – on solving tasks in the form of a game. But the most important thing is that all these plug-ins and applications work the same for Windows, Mac and Linux, because all of them are possible to open right in your favorite browser.

We would like to represent you four exciting applications for your Google Chrome browser that are able to teach you touch typing fast. The process of learning can be really fun! The only thing left to do is to choose the one application that fits you most. Or take all of them. Why not?

The Fastest All-electric Kid’s Car Toy Available Soon

Maybe kids don’t know much about engines, powertrains, transmission, horsepower, or cars in general, but they do like toy cars and enjoy driving them. Lately, the toy car market has become quite competitive, resulting in some pretty cool and fast toy cars, that every kid would like to have. Today, these kid’s toys are a dead ringer for actual cars, and they involve a lot of technology which makes them faster, stronger and more durable. One of the most exciting models that have been made recently is the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray For Kids, which is made by Power Wheels, one of the most popular toy car manufacturers. Apart from the Chevrolet Corvette, Power Wheels have been making models of other popular vehicles, such as Ford Mustang, Cadillac Escalade, and Jeep Wrangler.

The Power Wheels Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a small scale version of the seventh generation Corvette, which was unveiled in Detroit earlier this year, and is supposed to be available for purchase in fall of 2013. This is one of the fastest, most powerful Corvettes made so far, and the Power Wheels version of the 2014 Stingray is the fastest toy car ever made.

This kid’s toy is 52 inches long, and 26.5 inches wide, and has pretty much the same exterior design as the actual Stingray. It has the Stingray’s most distinctive features, but on a smaller scale. It has a single racing seat, and there are the fake chrome five-spoke wheels, along with Power Lock Brakes. It can support 65 pounds, which is 15 pounds more than what the KidTrax 2013 SRT Viper GTS, the main rival of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray For Kids, can support.

NASA on selling spree of its shuttle launch platforms

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is selling three huge mobile platforms that were used to launch the Apollo moon missions along with its space shuttle to private firms adding to the list of historic facilities and equipment it wants the private industry to take over and that includes the shuttle launch pad and its landing runway. NASA is considering competing bids for the sale of shuttle launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. The huge steel structures measuring 7.6 meters high (25ft) 49 by 41 meters on top were used to move spacecraft from rocket assembly hangers at the Kennedy Space Center to the launch pad on crawler tracks.

These structures were originally built in 1967 for the Apollo moon mission’s Saturn rockets that were then modified for the space shuttles that flew from 1981 to 2011.The space agency informed that it wants private space company to take them over or it may have to sell them for recycling. NASA is also interested in other users for the mobile launch platforms, that served as bases to stack and assemble the shuttle and then transport it to launch pad. The platforms provided power and other umbilical connections and had open section for flames and rocket exhaust to pass through. NASA is already assessing the bids for a shuttle launch pad from two competing firms backed by internet billionaires.

The Kennedy Space Center launch pad has attracted competing bids from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and chief executive of electric car company Tesla. NASA is also turning over the shuttle’s runway to Space Florida that plans to make it available to commercial companies including XCOR Aerospace, which is developing a two person suborbital spaceship called Lynx that takes off and lands like an aeroplane. The other potential customer is Stratolaunch Systems –an orbital space vehicle backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Internet Connections – What Is Fibre Optic?

This article is going to clarify exactly what fibre optic broadband is, an internet connection that is pretty new to the world. We all see that it’s fast, however other than that we don’t know a great deal about this new connection.

Did you know a fibre optic cable is in fact thinner than a single human hair? At extremely high speeds, virtual information is transferred via plastic or glass cables. Now are you ready for some technical information?

We thought we were the bee’s knees when we first had ADSL broadband. Before that we had to dial up to access the internet. The internet landscape has now been changed forever now that fibre optic broadband has been introduced.

There is a fast and optimistic future for the internet because of fibre optic broadband. Faster internet speeds were something we could only dream of years ago. By the end of the year, it is estimated that broadband speeds will be tripled. This is up from the current maximum speed of 100Mbps and the maximum speed of 24Mbps on an ADSL connection.

Some people have said there is no demand for fibre optic broadband. Others have said that fast internet speeds are not suitable for smartphones and other handsets. So this is when the real debate begins.

Fibre optic broadband is a great choice for people who like to watch TV and films on download music online. The only disadvantage of the connection is that it is now as low-priced as standard ADSL broadband.

Earth plays host to weekend asteroid visitors

Planet Earth played the role of a host with an asteroid as big as a city block shot close relatively to the earth’s orbit on Saturday, which is the latest in a series of visiting celestial objects that included an asteroid the size of bus that exploded over Russia injuring over 1500 people. The newly discovered asteroid is named Asteroid 2013 ET is nearly eight times larger than the previous asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk- Russia as on February 15. The size of this asteroid is estimated to be around 100 meters (64mtrs by140mtrs).

The most interesting part of this asteroid is that it is unknown and is about two and half times as far as the moon, which is quite close on a cosmic yardstick. The asteroid moving at a speed of about 2600 miles per hour could have wiped out a large city if it had hit the earth as per the views of Slooh telescope engineer Paul Cox. Previously, the asteroid that hit the Russian part of Chelyabinsk has force of explosion equivalent of about 440 kilotons of dynamite that created shock waves shattering windows and damaged buildings.

On the same day of February 15, another small asteroid known as DA14 passed about 17,200 miles from Earth that is closer than the orbiting networks of weather and communication satellites. Two other small asteroids both about the size of the Russian meteor will also be on Earths’ orbit this weekend. The asteroid 2013 EC had passed the earth’s orbit just 93,000 miles away this Saturday, which is just stone’s throw of our earth’s atmosphere. Scientists assume that undetected objects can strike Earth without warning like the surprise meteor explosion over Russia last month creating a sense of insecurity for our planet earth.

Problems about Wi-Fi and other issues grips Microsoft surface users

The Microsoft surface tablet that was launched with much fanfare  during the month of June by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a Los Angeles event at Milk Studios is now drawing flack with some users complaining about Wi-Fi connectivity issues that are preventing them from getting on to internet. The first complaints appeared within two days of Microsoft shipping the tablet on October 25. Some users had posted complaints on the Microsoft’s Surface support forum stating that the wireless option showed “limited” connection and rebooting the tablet had temporarily resolved the problem.

Some users even thought that the problem could be with their wireless router instead of the tablet, but the connectivity problems appeared to be consistent across different router brands. Other users complained that the problem was happening with their Surface tablet only and not with other wireless devices. Microsoft declined to comment immediately on the issue.

According to Zeus Kerravala – founder and principal at ZK Research, the problem may be due to software issue caused by buggy code or it may be due to a driver conflict. Kerravala opines that limited connectivity was a problem with older Windows laptops resulting from conflicting Wi-Fi drivers. Microsoft is now required to patch the Windows RT OS on the surface tablet.

Lenovo edges out HP to become world’s No.1 PC maker

The Lenovo Group has been ranked as number one PC maker for the first time in its history by edging out Hewlett – Packard or HP.  The latest data released by the research house- Gartner still ranks HP in the lead but by less than half a percentage point when compared to Lenovo. The global market share of Lenovo is estimated to be 15.7% and that of HP is 15.5%.  HP’s shipments fell by more than sixteen percent to 13.55 million whereas its rival Lenovo had shipped 13.77 million computers during the third quarter.

However the third quarter numbers from IDC a rival research firm showed HP as having a slight lead with 15.9% against Lenovo’s 15.7%. The PC industry as a whole is supposed to be on decline with an 8.6 percent decline in shipments compared with the last year as per the report of IDC. Gartner further informs that Lenovo had made a crucial market share gains over the past two years, the main reason being that Lenovo in addition to acquiring other vendors had also indulged in an aggressive positioning on pricing especially in the professional market.

The overall perspective of PC market is dull as demand for computers has taken a beating due to the availability and popularity of the smart phones and tablets which enabled the people to do the basic computing things on the move. Some consumers are also not buying the PC’s until the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system – Windows 8 that is not likely to be available until the end of this month. The other aspect that has weakened the share of HP in the global PC market is the tough competition from Asian rivals like the Taiwan’s Acer and other Asian PC manufacturing companies.

Samsung gets relief by a court order to sell Galaxy Tab in U.S

The electronic giant Samsung Electronics Ltd got a relief from the temporary sales ban against its Galaxy tab 10.1 models through a U.S. court order. The court order is a big relief to Samsung in the wake of the patent dispute with Apple Incorporation that led to banning the Galaxy Tab to be sold in the United States. Lifting the ban may help Samsung to enhance its revenues by selling the product in the United States during this holiday shopping season. The past injunction was the result of a month long trail involving a legal battle by the iPhone maker Apple against Samsung with a resounding victory for Apple on many of its patent violation claims.

Samsung has also filed a separate motion against Apple saying that the iPhone 5 had infringed on some of the company’s patents. To capture the global markets, these two companies locked themselves in patent disputes in at least ten countries. The domination for the market between these two giants began when Apple sued Samsung in multiple countries on which Samsung led a counter suit petitions.

Apple won the first round of legal battle when an injunction order was placed on the Galaxy tablet for violating the patent rights of Apple. The month long legal battle that ensued in the month of August has been watched by the global business conglomerates with a bit of excitement and empathy. At this trial, Apple was also awarded more than $1 billion in damages to be paid by Samsung.


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