Six Signs You’re a Terrible Driver

Each of us has that friend or family member who should have never been given their driver’s permit. Their habits on the road have engrained fear deep within the hearts of countless brave people who were able to muster the courage, or ignorance, that enabled them to ride in the passenger seat. If you do not know what I am talking about, then there is a chance that this driver may be you. The following are six signs you are a terrible driver.

Excessive Horns

The occasional honk while on the road from other drivers is expected. However, if it becomes a symphony every time you hit the road, then maybe you are doing something wrong. If you don’t know if people are honking at you because your radio is playing too loud, then you’re definitely doing it wrong.

The real pace of death in organisms

A new study published in the latest issue of PLoS Biology revealed about how death in organisms including that in human beings spreads like a wave from cell to cell until the whole individual or organism dies. Scientists have discovered that death can be seen spreading like a blue glowing wave through the body of worm. British scientists have captured the death spreading like wave through the body of a worm by studying the blue fluorescence that travels from cell to cell until the whole organism is dead.

The good news for human beings due to this discovery is that in certain cases, the scientists may be able to stop the biochemical process that leads to death wave thus reviving the individual from the clutches of death. Scientists believe that the research could eventually prove to be a useful model in understanding about death in people and perhaps may even lead to increase in life expectancy of human beings. The remarkable feature of worms is that when they die, the spread of death can be easily seen under magnification and it is a fluorescent blue light caused by necrosis, or the cell death pathway. This in turn is caused dependent upon calcium signaling. The source of the blue hue is a molecule called anthranillic acid.

Researchers from Wellcome Trust compared the spread of blue glow travelling through the worm’s body to that of a Grim Reaper stalking death. When individual cells die, they trigger a chemical chain reaction that leads to the breakdown of the cell components and buildup molecular debris. The source of the blue fluorescence was previously thought to be a substance called lipofuscin that emits light of a similar color. It has been linked to aging because it accumulates with increasing molecular damage.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No it’s the Jetman

Flying is something that fascinates everybody, be it the beauty of the bird in full-flight or the smooth-sailing Superman, we all wants to fly, of course other than in our dreams. Here’s a man that is living his dream, yes he can fly. We are talking about the 51- year old Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy, who is known by various names including Airman, Jetman, Rocketman and Fusionman.

In 2008, he became the first man in the world to fly across the English Channel with the support of a homemade single-jet powered wing. The only safety accessories that he was carrying were a helmet and a flight-suit. He covered the 22 Mile distance between France and England within 13 minutes. The monumental day in the life of this adrenaline junkie was an unforgettable one. On a day marked by clear blue skies, he descended from his plane at an altitude of 8,200 feet, within seconds he opened his wings fired up his turbines and headed straight to Britain. He reached some breathtaking speeds up to 125 Miles per hour.

Prayers Banned in Council Meetings: A Fundamental Right Revoked?

A ruling by a High Court in Britain banned the conduction of prayers before council meeting much to the disappointment of adherents of the Christian faith. For many, despite a large number of people leaving the fold of Christianity towards atheism or other religions, the faith in prayer and worship is still is a fundamental and irrevocable right, one which the High Court eventually revoked today.  The Communities Secretary defined the ruling as ‘surprising and disappointing’ because of the simple fact that a country Christian in establishment and having its own Church governed by the Queen is being bullied into submission by a minority who seem to be upholding the law that goes against the Church and the Christian faith.

Mr. Justice Ouseley who passed the judgment of the ban was of the opinion that since there was an absence if statuary body that could permit the practice of praying before council meeting, which according to the law of the land is essentially unconstitutional and not legally practicable. Many would argue that the law of the land never was used to attack practice before this instance, then why now? Conspiracy theorists may theorize, the faithful may mourn and the upholders of rationality and rule of law may rejoice at the triumph of another emotion-less ruling, the fact remains that religion isn’t as important in the lives of many Britons as it once used to be.

Germany’s Sebastian Vettel Set to Ride a New Mean Machine

Having earned accolades from all quarters after his groundbreaking performance last year reaching pole position, Sebastian Vettel is looking forward to dominate 2012 F1 as well. Only 24 years old, the young German has made his detractors eat their own words after his win last year and an awesome performance record that reminded people of the F1 racing legend Michael Schumacher. Sponsored by Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel is set to create newer records yet again in a brand new Red Bull RB8 car that has been revealed and will serve as Vettel’s ride in the 2012 season.

While there are increasingly favorable career jumps happening for Vettel since his last year spectacle, some are of the opinion that his performance streak and dominance on the race track makes more sense when it is consistent and is sustained until the end of the season. While some have definitely been disconcerted by the fanfare that following the 24 year old’s 2011 win, others believe that it a fair due to the young sportsman whose showmanship have reminded people of Michael Schumacher.

Wikipedia to Shutdown on January 18 to protest against SOPA and PIPA

Wikipedia has planned a blackout on January 18 in protest of the controversial U.S anti –piracy legislation. The English version of the Web Encyclopedia will be unavailable for 24 hours beginning 5am (GMT) on Wednesday, 18th January to 5am on Thursday.

The move comes as a part of ongoing protests by various online protests against the censorship of the Internet. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives and PROTECTIP (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate are bills impending to be passed. If these proposed legislations become laws, it would mean a censorship of various international websites inside the United States. Various search engines and Internet Service Providers will block websites that violate copyright laws. The law empowers copyright holders and US Judges the right to shutdown websites, if any website illegally holds copyright material such as music or movies. Previously, the website owners would be notified and the content would be removed by them.

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Men Earn and Women Spend It All: Now Proven Scientifically

The gender roles and their stereotyping with particular traits of attitudes has been probably the most accurate of all stereotyping that is being exercised today.  Roles of men and women have been outlined and purporting evidences and reasoning for how and why are still presented. Now the fact that the role of men is earning and saving has been scientifically proven with women being observed as the quintessential spenders of money. The evidence that has scientific backing from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology may down be well received by women all around the globe, be it in a rich, developing or poor country.

Study Reports Working Mothers Are Healthier

A new study in the field of childcare and motherhood apparently has been reported to suggest that mothers, especially of young children are more likely to be socially well connected and hence less depressed as compared to those who take care of their young children. This study especially has highlighted those mothers who are nurturing their young ones as more adversely affected that those who have grown up children capable of taking care of themselves without needing constant parental attention.

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Ways to Stop Resolutions from Dissolving Past January

Yes, it’s that time of the year where readjustment of last year’s resolutions and disconcertment about what this year holds is more often than not a source of worry for a lot of us. Well, in case you don’t believe in resolutions and resolution making then perhaps it is best that you don’t, because forming a resolve to engage with oneself requires the knowledge and the willpower to undertake the task and its is seldom for those who cannot believe enough to resolve and achieve. But for those who do believe that resolutions need to be made and require the power to deliver oneself through strong commitment and conviction from problems or bad habits, then perhaps you are also aware that sticking to these requires more than a fair amount of mental effort and intention. Here are some of the things that might help you. But as cautionary as this can sound, this is an advice that may not run in everyone’s favor and needs conscious effort from the reader’s side as well. So here goes:

Where have all the Good Law jobs gone?

It’s been a long hard struggle to get good grades, burn the mid-night oil to pass the Bar and become a Lawyer. After what seems like an age of being buried under a mountain of Law Journals and case studies you emerge into the real world and realize that all that hard work was not quite enough! The slow economy, job and budget cuts have affected the availability of jobs even for Lawyers.

It is a time for shifting demands and people who have adapted to this new world are doing very well indeed. Lawyers who show an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to work for smaller Law firms are doing brisk business and building up a portfolio rich in experience. Right now the best advice is to follow the money.

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