Celebrating Who We Are

HolidaysCultural identity is what we are all striving for as a people. Families, schools, businesses and even countries get confused about what really is important in the grand scheme of things. Sorrow and boredom can plague everyone at times due to the tremendous workloads that exists in today’s crazy world. It is imperative that we hold onto creative outlets where we can philosophize and communicate with others about more important things than a job or mundane politics.

Communities that understand psychology realize that creating festivals for people provide them with “breaks” from the monotony of their everyday lives. Festivals, put on by the community, bring culture holders together and provide moments that last forever marking pivotal days in history. These people that celebrate are those that yearn for a good disposition and who want to share love and camaraderie with their fellow man. They come to these events without all of their emotional baggage, eager to “let their hair down” and truly appreciate some festivities.

Creating meaningful joy in someone’s life is the goal of a festival. The lights, decorations, music and other various artistic contributions to such an event aim to excite and provide a pleasurable environment for the onlookers. There is a designated purpose for festivals, which is to provide celebratory goers with religious motivation, cultural information, geographical pride or social transformation. They promote revolutionary causes and stress the importance of cultural legacies and age-old traditions that have survived over the times. It is not mere entertainment but rather a practical solution to achieving solidarity among like-minded individuals.

Anybody can enjoy a festival whether it is a child or a businessman as long as the festival caters to what that the particular person finds interesting. Artists can paint a picture at these occasions that spark innovative thought and various types of gaiety. Laughter and goodwill should spread amongst festival participants where they are living in the moment,feeling like they are in the center of the universe. The experience should leave them with fond memories and provide them with the opportunity to look back on the occasion and simply smile.

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