Christmas in Miami! A Way to Shake the Winter Blues

Everybody knows that this time of year brings Christmas cheer. It is time for cocoa, snow ball fights, and warm sweaters right? Well, the reality is that not everyone basks in the glory of cold weather scenarios. For those people winter means flu, deicing your car every morning, and cold noses. So, below are some tips to make their holiday season merrier!

Trade Snow for Sand

Snow can be fun, but only when you are able to sit around and really enjoy it. It is not so fun if you have to suffer daily travel through it and fight Jack Frost against your will. Try travelling down south to Miami or similar warm regions and fight the sand crabs instead. As an added benefit, a family vacation will give you an excuse to avoid those unwanted family get-togethers. Besides, it may be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate your spirit and get your mind work
ready before your return.

Travel Early Stay Later

Why not beat the Christmas rush by travelling earlier and staying later? You may want to take some personal leave to add with your given holiday vacation to help avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush altogether. Miami already has enough traffic during a normal day. Getting stuck in a jam, or even worse, getting into a car accident would ruin all of your hard work of relaxation. If possible, consider staying until after New Year’s Day so that you can enjoy the
festivities. Plus, it would be a heck of a good way to start the new year off right. It may not be possible to prolong your return which is understandable. In that case, plan the trip according to weather of your return destination. You don’t want to get caught off guard while going from sunny to snowy. If the worse should happen in your party city, don’t forget to call a Miami accident attorney so that the facts won’t get garbled upon your trip home. It will be likely that your frustration will make it difficult to remember the event correctly by the time you get home. It will make it easier to handle the situation from a farther distance as well by using a local attorney who is familiar with region specific law.

Santa Hats and Bikinis

We have all watched the Christmas beach parties on television with a smile while trying not to explode with envy in secret. As you put on the handmade Christmas sweater with the bells all over it that your auntie made for you, you sigh at the women wearing bikinis and miniskirts with Santa hats on TV. Well, let this be the year you decide to be the envied. So, it is either pack sweaters and Christmas gowns or bikinis and cocktail dresses. I think the latter would be the desired choice for you and your spouse. Please believe that he does not want to wear that turtleneck. A beach vacation in the middle of winter is definitely not unheard of. Don’t feel guilty if you yearn for a break from the traditional routine that you partake in every year. Holidays are supposed to be enjoyable for the whole family, and a vacation is definitely a way to accomplish just that. It does not interfere with the actual Christmas events, but it will make them more memorable. So, why not take the tree with you and do the whole decoration routine down to the popcorn string. After you are done, you can feed the popcorn to the gulls. You can try trading the cocoa for root beer floats. Whatever you do, don’t forget the bikinis and Santa hats.

Domonique Powell is a freelance writer who loves to change things up. She knows how easy it is to get stuck in a humdrum routine. Upon researching vacation destinations, a Miami accident attorney site was discovered. Some of the information there inspired her to write this article.

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