Chucking Laptop for an iPad

With tablets becoming more advanced in technological terms, the news of consumers ditching their laptops for an iPad for performing their day to day activities is being heard more frequently nowadays.  Some of the consumers find iPad easy to handle and the best way to do shopping online. It is estimated that more than sixty million Americans will own a tablet computer by the end of this year and retailers saying that these devices are commanding an increasing share of online revenues. As per a U.S. survey, forty nine percent of the merchants reported their order value from tablets now exceeds web sales from desktop computer, laptops, and smart phones.

Now the question arises whether the tablets can really replace laptops when it comes to getting things done. Coming to the facts, the current generation of tablets, including iPad is related more with consuming content than they are about creating it. So in generally it is not recommended to use a tablet or iPad for someone who wants to use it to blog everyday. The iPad is an excellent device for browsing through a magazine, looking up few websites, watching couple of movies during a flight. But for activities like photo editing, blogging a laptop or a desktop computer are still better tools.

The other factor proving advantageous to iPad is its 10 hour battery life that makes more sense in carrying it, than the heavy laptop with long booting up time or a tendency to hang on sleep or in hibernation. There are some applications that help improve the blogging experience on an iPad such as Word Press and Blogsy. The Blogsy app supports a variety of blogging platforms that include Blogger, Posterous, Type Pad, Joomla, and Drupal where the user can type right in the app and it formats the text and allows the user to upload it from iPad to the users’ blog.

But even with a wireless keypad and all these different apps, iPad are still not a true replacement for a laptop when it comes to getting work done. More research is to be done in case of Silver light and Flash Content apps as what was good for the mouse like rollovers and pop ups do not simply translate to touch interfaces of iPad. Even though the Windows 8 Surface tablet may be a better device geared towards blogging and other content creation but it will cost more and it is not feasible to think that iPad is a great replacement for laptop yet.  However, if the user likes to read magazines, watch video and use a whole host of other cool apps on a tablet and these are his/her primary reasons, then iPad is a great device to buy at this moment.

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