Coffee Guzzlers gets a probable chance of living longer lives

Coffee Guzzlers gets a probable chance of living longer livesA recent study by experts reveals that men and women who drank up to six cups of coffee per day may have the chances of living longer when compared with their counterparts who do not consume coffee. The study that was conducted over a period of thirteen years opined that the death rates decreased as with the increase in the number of cups.

This study was the largest one of its kind based on the coffee drinking habits of more than 400,000 men and women between the ages of 50-71. The final report was published online in the New England Journal of Medicine.          

Mr. Neal Freedman from the National Institute of Health who was the lead author of this study has observed that the effect on mortality was seen in both men and women with different body weights who were either non-smokers or quit smoking. These studies were in direct contrast to what was observed previously when drinking of coffee was deemed to be detrimental to health.

The benefits of coffee seems to accrue more with drinking of black coffee sans cream, additives, that are more harmful to the coffee drinkers and these wordings were stressed by epidemiology professor at the Columbia University – Mr. Genkinger.

The relationship between coffee consumption and mortality rates cannot be observed in those people who died of cancer. The study is much confused on the relative health effects of majority of coffee drinkers who are also smokers.

By this report, the regular coffee drinkers were given an assurance of not to worry about their drinking habits. Experts suggest that regular coffee drinkers have the same risk of death when compared with nondrinkers. But the former (coffee drinkers) may have some mild benefit than the latter (Non-drinkers).

The report also highlighted about the data that showed that the risk of death arising out of health problems related with heart disease, diabetes, infections, respiratory diseases, stroke, injuries and accidents reduced significantly when coffee consumption increased. However, it also stressed the need for a restrain on certain unhealthy habits such as consumption of alcohol, eating red meat, consuming fewer vegetables and fruits and less exercising in order to show positive benefits of coffee consumption.


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