Contemporary Self-Defense

Fighting is a lucrative and relevantlion’s grapple, roaring against figurative elephants that trample in terror.  Effective mortal combat obeys and revels in nobleendeavor, a collective portal to today’s rebels who are hopeful to sever their ties with evil.  Cheated its way into this existence is violent weaponry, one’s unneeded assistance that pilots tyranny.  Currently, military operations are resorting to tools that have sourly bore a soldier’s prostration and left him distorting God’s rules to war.  Weather is criminalizingwarring powers whoseek to explode their enemies, a regulatorde-weaponingthese starring cowards who want World War III.  The fight of simplistic hand-to-hand sparring reaps flattery, charms and braveries that can unite afflicted lands into barring the industry of arms and its slaveries.

There is an Odyssey to flourish in a fear that provokes aggression and bullishly nourish an overseer who aims to revoke thuggish succession.  The sword should be kept in a grieving stone, in an accord with the misunderstood, inept and wielding drones.   The legacy of the bidding samurai was honorable ina past sentinel grind, violently swinging to defy the horrible lambast of a Western Empire’s sinful bind.   A new world order elating with a level battlefield should unfurl eradicating wars’ dark SITH and rebel against gun-toting appeal.  This might feel like a delusional token and biblicalfantasy, but it will be the light that heals the crucible of a broken andcynical family.  The universe will hum for avengers that idealize this illumination’s instruction and curse the numb to surrender their hives despicable abominations of mass destruction.

The realest declaration, “survival of the fittest,” is a fearless retaliation that is liable for the listless.  The students of martial arts should be rooted by an impartial heart.  Somber governments across the globe have duped, no longer a relevant boss and instead a disrobed troop.   Sages’ narrations that suck up to spineless battles are not pages of revelations and should be bucked from a hit list’s saddle.  Militant greed is a foul crusade’s inception, a literate creed that howls for the masquerade of deception.  The college of past warriors exercisingartillery should be acknowledged as fat-cats that lawyers are protecting from revolutionary rivalry.  The US is carving a litigation tothrow pennies to the Holy Spirit,disbarring resurrection to bestow felonies. This is Contemporary Self-Defence.

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