Coronado Beach Nation’s Best

Coronado BeachThe Coronado beach in California has been named the nation’s best beach in a survey. The 1.5 mile long beach glitters like a Hollywood star because of the mineral mica shining in its sand. However its just one of the reasons that the beach has been named no.1 in the U.S in 2012 by a survey conducted by professor Stephen P. Leatherman of Florida International University, who is also notoriously called ‘Dr. Beach’. The list is in its 22nd year and the beaches do not pay to be evaluated, Leatherman said that he visits the top 10 candidates anonymously to collect samples for his study.

Leatherman has been ranking beaches in the United States on the basis of their environmental quality and safety for swimmers. It’s the first time that California’s Coronado beach has been given the top spot in more than two decades. It lies on a peninsula across the bay from San Diego and has perfect weather and postcard scenery. “I think it’s one of the most super beaches around”, said Leatherman, director of Florida International University’s Laboratory for Coastal Research. The top 10 spots this year were taken by Kohanamoku beach in Honolulu at no.2, Main beach in East Hampton, NY at no.3, St. George island state park in Florida at no.4, Hamoa beach in Hawaii at no.5, coast guard beach in Massachusetts at no.6, Waimanalo bay beach park in Hawaii at no.7, Cape Florida state park near Miami at no.8, Beachwalker park in South Carolina at no.9 and Cape Hatteras in North Carolina at no.10. The beaches are ranked on 50 criteria which include the look and feel of sand, water quality, weather, facilities and crowd, and the top score is 250. Coronado scored in the 230’s and lost points due to the water temperature as it only allows for a quick dip. The beaches in California’s chilly coastal region have lost points to the more balmy contenders in Florida and Hawaii. Coronado was a runner-up last year to Florida’s Siesta beach. Also once a beach tops the list it’s retired from consideration in future rankings and a no.1 spot on the list means a 15 to 20 percent increase in visitors.

The Coronado beach is great for skim boarding and walking, there’s also free parking on the beach but it’s on a public street which can be difficult, according to Leatherman. It’s lined by swanky mansions and the National Historic Landmark Hotel del Coronado also called ‘Hotel Del’ built in 1888 with its peaked red roof. Coronado city is inhabited by Navy officers and California’s wealthiest and can be reached by a ferry from downtown San Diego.


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