Could America Have a First Female Vice President?

As the presidential contests are heating up, many moves are being made.  There are politicians in both parties who have important decisions to make in the political game, which has many possible schemes.  Barack Obama is mulling over the decision to fight for the regaining of his presidency with Hillary Clinton as the vice presidential candidate.  This would be a smart move because of the Clinton legacy that was left during times of economic prosperity, a limit of troop deployment, and public satisfaction (despite the Lewinski and Whitewater scandal).

Currently she is working for the Obama administration as the Secretary of State and recently has been urged by her strong supporters to run for the presidency as a third option for voters.  A poll is already showing that she would be the front-runner if it came down to that.  She made quite an opponent for Obama when both of them were vying for the top spot in the democratic caucuses and primaries of the 2008 election.  In a fundraising event she quoted commending her advocates, “You allowed me to become part of your lives. And you became part of mine.”

It is without doubt that in 2016, Hillary Clinton will by then have another crack at changing history and make a bid for the presidency, but it’s her short term moves that have political backers clamoring.  Bill Clinton has been playing it safe and not provided any fuel to the fodder of his wife’s ambitions.“She’s tired and she wants to come home…do the kind of work that I’m doing now…It’s up to her to come and know what she intends to do.”  Always the chess player, Bill is leaving it all up in the air as to what his wife’s plans are.  It is personally felt that Hillary’s future is bright no matter what decision she makes.  Her public approval rating is still high and there are many die-hard Clinton fans that are pulling for her and are ready to make that final push to see her eventually claim the title of the first “MRS.” President.

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