Create your own version of Metric’s new song

The Canadian indie band Metric is releasing its new single on May 1, titled – Youth Without Youth. To make it all about the fans, they are asking you to create your version of their song even before you listen to it.

Go to and there you will find their handwritten music sheet and lyrics. They want you to rock out their new song.

Metric is a Canadian band that was started in 2009 in Toronto. It’s an Indie rock and New Wave band. In 2003, they released their first full length album titled Old World Underground, Where are you now? It won quite a few awards for its alternative music. After that they released Live It Out and Grow Up and Blow Away.

Youth Without Youth is next on the line. It’s the lead single of their next album, Synthetica – due to release on June 12th.The fans are encouraged to go to their website and check out their lyrics and music sheet.

They are releasing the music sheet in four parts. When a user logs in, he/she is given a tier of lyrics and is asked to place it on the right place on the sheet. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with YouTube links to catch behind the scenes action. If you place another tier correctly, you will be given the sheet music. You can download it and record your version of the song.  The best part being, you can upload these videos as response to those YouTube links.

When asked about the theme of the song, band spokesperson Myles Grosovsky said “tackles the topic of a fraying social state with bristling energy, lyrical complexity and a momentary breakdown guaranteed to get crowds jumping along with the song’s driving rhythm. The themes (of the album) touch on what’s real versus virtual and we tried to bridge those worlds by creating something focused on handwriting, which is very personal, in the online space.”

Member of the band, Emily Haines in her letter said what Synthetica will be about. She wrote, “SYNTHETICA is about being able to identify the original in a long line of reproductions. It’s about what is real vs. what is artificial.”

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