Does everybody love Coupons?

Shopping is a world-wide phenomenon and coupons are the biggest attractions for shoppers these days. As shopaholics will tell you; they love deals and bargains. So let’s take a look and see if Coupons are restricted to specific group of shoppers or if everybody loves these coupons?

Traditionally coupons were in paper form and had an exclusive code on them and they could be exchanged at store for a specific % off your purchase or get goodies or gifts. In today’s world E-coupons have revolutionized the market for coupons. Coupons can be bought online at a click of a mouse and have these coupons sent to your cell-phones and redeem them by showing the message to the retailer. All terms and conditions and the fine print of the deal are available online before you even buy it.

Let’s look at some numbers; Jupiter Research estimates that by 2011, over 87 billion dollars worth sales will be generated by 3 billion mobile coupons. Another research points that more than 63% of the consumers feel that coupons are the most effective form of marketing. Now here are some observations that make coupons a hit.

Coupons are designed to cater to a wide spread audience rather than satisfying needs of few customers. Retailers of today are keeping the concept of a coupon pretty simple and making their usage easy. They make sure that they don’t get too greedy, and set the bar for minimum expenditure too high. Competitive pricing is extremely important in an already cluttered market-place. Merchants queue up to provide value added services like free-shipping to score points over competitors.

Retailers make sure they lure new customers and keep widening their consumer base, which is seeing them give away higher discounts and better deals for new customers.

The way ahead for the coupon or the gift-card is exciting. We will continue to see new tie-ups between retailers and coupon companies. The technology of today enables companies to make huge strides. In a recent development, coupons companies are aiming to provide customized or personalized coupons based on a user’s previous purchases. Mobile tracking will also help companies in giving deals that are relevant in a specific area.

At this juncture, it’s fair to say that everybody do love coupons.

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