Drew Brees Makes History Passing Dan Marion’s Record

Drew Brees recently surpassed Dan Marino’s NFL record for yards passing in a season, which had previously held up strong for 27 years.  He broke it on a Monday Night Football game in which his New Orleans Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons 45-16.  Marino praised the quarterback in a tweet complimenting, “Great job by such a special player.”  It is admirable that after the game, Drew Brees remained humble and only pressed the issue that football is a team game and the record could never have been broken if it wasn’t for his teammates.  He is quoted saying, “This record isn’t about one person.  There might be just one name that goes in ledger under the record, but it’s really about the team.  I want everyone to feel a huge part of this, the record would not have been possible with out them.”

The Saints are headed to the NFL playoffs this year thanks to Brees’s efforts and have great ambitions of winning it all at the Super Bowl.  He is a true perfectionist at his position, never giving himself any slack or room for error.   How else could someone throw 5,087 yards passing (Marino threw 5,084) in one season with one game to go?  It is such a remarkable feat, and a better guy couldn’t have accomplished it.  Brees is a class act, an outstanding Samaritan who donates his time and efforts to soldiers who serve in Iraq.  He is a fervent believer that they are the true heroes and that he is fortunate to live in a country that is being protected by people that volunteer to serve and protect the nation.  Another accolade should be given to his Brees Dream Foundation that fights cancer and provides help for underprivileged children.

All in all, Marino wasn’t lying about Brees.  This past MVP is having success that we as fans dream about on and off the field.  Offensive Guard Carl Nicks says it best regarding how he wanted to congratulate Brees after the game, “If I could have put him on my shoulders and paraded him around the whole stadium I would have done that.  He deserves it…You could tell by everyone’s reaction after he did it how much people care about that guy.  We all love him.”

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