Eagles Legend Brian Dawkins Retires

Brian DawkinsDespite the invitation to retire as an Eagle, Brian Dawkins is still undecided on whether to accept the offer or not. It could only be interpreted that his move away from the franchise is still hurting him.

The thirty eight year old Dawkins attended the press conference at NovaCare Complex where he was repeatedly asked about his now sour relation with the Eagles.

A thirteen year old association and a break up afterward is not something that can easily put behind. “You forgive and you forget or you forgive and you still remember and it does not hurt as bad as it did at the time because you’re in the moment,” Dawkins said. “There’s always going to be pain. There’s always going to be feelings there.”

Dawkins spent thirteen seasons at Philadelphia, before making a bitter exit as a free agent, moving on to Denver. The sum offered by the Eagles supposedly wasn’t good enough and he accepted a counter offer of $17 Million for five years.

The question going around in Football circles is will he or won’t he sign a one-day contract with the Eagles? If sources are to be believed, he will indeed sign the agreement and retire as an Eagle. There are many who don’t care if he retires as a Bronco or an Eagle, they want him to be inducted into hall of fame. He was arguably one of the three best safeties of his era alongside other greats such as Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu.

He earned nine trips to the Pro Bowl and was voted to the all-pro team five times during his 16 seasons. “I didn’t come into the league saying that I wanted to be a Hall of Famer,” Dawkins said. “It was something that you see other people doing, and it would be nice.”

The Eagles will also do their bit by retiring his legendary No. 20 jersey to deservedly put him in the pantheon of Eagles.

Asked to recall his favorite moment, he remembered the time when his mentor, defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, embraced him after the win.

“To see the joy and the tears in his eyes and the way he grabbed me and he said, ‘Dawk, we did it. We did it,’ “Dawkins said.”I’ll never forget that.”


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