Economic Slump

With the presidential election approaching, the republican candidates are all on stage bashing the president’s fiscal policies.  There are stark distinctions between the way they and democrats view solving the economiccrisis.  We all want America to be restored as a model country for the rest of the world to emulate but it will take a lot of fixing in the financial department.  Looming over our country is economic depression and there are conflicting monetary viewpoints regarding how to create jobs and how much government regulation there should be over businesses.

Currently many are unemployed living off of welfare and it is imperative that politicians find a way to get these people back to work.  What makes matters worse for these individuals is that often they don’t have the money to pay for health care.That is why Obama offers the idea of universal health care; something that republicans fight because they claim it hurts small business.  If this is true, it is not a good thing because the best way for America to get out of recession is to promote entrepreneurship and small business growth.

Republicans fight Obama on the claim that there is too much regulation and that loosening up government’s stronghold on businesses will undoubtedly spur job growth.  In other words, regulation cost business owners money and impedes them from hiring new workers and expanding their enterprise.  A truly free market raises the level of competitive nature between corporations and ultimately leads to higher productivity; moreover, it lowers prices for consumers who in this day and age are strapped for cash.

Whenever politicians on the left and right are confronted with a problem that is plaguing society, they are quick to condemn the opposing side for not helping to alleviate the situation.  Today’s political climate is that of a storm.  The battle between republicans and democrats is heating up and their can only be one winner, one ideology that comes out on top.  Although American citizens want to see compromise and no more bickering back and forth about reviving the economy, it is unfortunate that the blame game is here to stay.

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