Education Heals Affliction

Reading, writing and teaching others is a principality that can eventually convince those who are troubled by ignorance, violence, and their children’s defiance to become gifted individuals; there are far too many people in the world that look in the mirror and see the reflection of stupidity, which is a disturbing situation that can turn very dangerous.  We all face a barrage of various dilemmas in our lives that for many unfortunately breeds fear, aimless retaliation, and unimaginable ignorance which ultimately jump starts the calamity of the Holy Ghost’s unbearable torture.

Let’s get down to the nitty grity!  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that mankind, since the beginning of time, have been troubled bya debilitating so-called wisdom that chaotically gives rise to a criminality revolving around unneeded mortal combat, where men and their submissive women become obsessed with domination rather than self-realization.  All you have to is open a history book and realize that for centuries people have been mis-educated by scriptural texts, Machiavellian fiction that molests the inner-child in all of us, and by so-called enlightened masters of various faiths who stab God in the back because they truly feel like they are “Mr. Know It Alls.”

Now let’s move to the present state of confusion in classrooms, universities and you know what…churches and temples.  Let’s forgive the cruel idiots that have left us with texts that will only haunt and taunt us to regress, creating a barricade that will disengage the prosperous revolution that is about to blast at the infection of educational regression; teachers around the world (especially imams) must understand that the people they have duped deserve confession so that they can finally be FREE and proceed with aggressive introspection.  It might be a crushing blow to their egos and despicable agendas, but these military-minded soul-seekers are responsible for so much suffering and it is high time that educational reparations spread like wild-fire.  No longer should earnest students have to submit to anyone.

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