Emma Watson. A new face of Lancome

The transformation of Emma Watson who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies began with a big bang when she changed her look radically with a pixie haircut. She then went on to experiment with fashion, was seen on the front row at fashion shows such as Chanel and Burberry, on whose billboard campaign she appeared with her younger brother in 2009.

Now as the face of Lancome’s “Rouge of Love” range of lipsticks she is once again experimenting with fashion and changing the way the public views her. This campaign that is shot by Mario Testino highlights her vitality, youthful spirit and chic gamine expression, and shows her as quite urbane. The “Rouge of Love” range is a light almost translucent casual lipstick that complements her youthful yet sophisticated image.

Ms. Watson who is studying English at Oxford, where she transferred from the very Ivy League Brown University in the US, says that she tries to live as normal as life as possible. She feels that her friends who have supported her throughout the Harry Potter experience help her remain in touch with normal and maintain that balance so that she knows that not everyone is in the entertainment industry. She also feels that humor is very important in her life. She counts the fact that she does not live the diva life, but goes on the tube, can cook and uses the washing machine just like anyone else as her success.

She is estimated to be worth about 43 Million Pounds and feels that her success early in life has allowed her the opportunity to experiment and to do things because she enjoys doing them rather than for any other reason. She says she loves makeup and has learnt the fine art from the makeup artists on the Harry Potter films, where she would make them let her do the make up for some of the supporting cast. She has since often made choices that align with her interests like supporting a collection of eco-fashion from People Tree by putting her name on it, and partnering with Alberta Ferretti on a ethical line of fashion called “Pure Threads”. Her new film ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower” will release later this year.

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