Expensive college tuition

The knowledge base that a university grants students is a gateway to a fruitful life.  I used to feel that college was not necessary in order to be successful, and that higher learning institutions were just eating up the money of the parents that send their children there.

While I still feel that this is partly true, I have recently discovered that my knowledge base and understanding of the world was granted to me by the university I attended even though I hate to admit it.  Recently, the foolish Rick Santorum made a jab at the president who said that every child in America should aim at going to a university one day in order to build a chance for a successful livelihood in their future.  Rick called Obama a snob (implying that college was only for the rich) and said that Obama was trying to build a government that is all pervading and knows best.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth however.  Obama is a Harvard graduate and never has cared much for Santorum’s rhetoric.  Hitting back at this republican, Obama said, “We want Americans to get those jobs of the future. It starts, by the way, with just what kind of expectation and ground rules we are setting for kids in high school…Right now, 21 states require students to stay in high school until they graduate or turn 18. 21 states! That means 29 don’t. I believe that is the right thing to do, for us to make sure, to send a message to our young people, you graduate from high school at a minimum, and I urge others to follow suit of those 21 states. For students that are ready for college, we have got to make sure that college is affordable.”  This raises a topic that has troubled me for so many years.  I feel that knowledge should be free, but expensive universities do not feel the same way.  Compromise should be met so, like Obama said, colleges should be fairer.  I mean they teach ethics in college don’t they?

Why not be ethically correct and put the prices of tuition at a fairer price.

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