Experimental drugs bring hope to diabetics

The rate of diabetics has been increasing substantially in America over the past decade. 28 million Americans are said to be diabetic while 7 million of them are yet undiagnosed. 57 million people of the country are pre-diabetic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has gone ahead and called the change an epidemic. Another fact to be concerned is that, The American Diabetes Association said that one in every three Americans born after the year 2000 will develop diabetes sometime in their life.

Diabetes is primarily a metabolic disorder. A person with this disorder will have high blood sugar either because his/her body does not produce enough insulin or if the produced insulin is not used efficiently by the body.

But there may yet be hope for the people. New experimental treatments that are in late testing have given hope to people around the world.  At the American Diabetes Association conference that was held in Philadelphia, diabetes specialists have been presenting data that brings optimistic news to diabetics and the drug makers.

Until a few years ago, very few companies were making drugs for diabetes. But recently, given the increase in the number of diabetics in the U.S, China and India, more have jumped in. The worldwide obesity epidemic has also added to the cause. 95 percent of diabetics are Type 2. Usually called the adult-onset diabetes is now being found in adolescents as well. Type 1 diabetes used to be called as juvenile diabetes is insulin dependent. Both types could lead to early death in some cases. It causes various other health complications like heart disease, kidney disease and blindness.

Novo Nordisk AS, a top diabetes Danish drug company has reported results of its drug called degludec. This particular drug is for Type 2 patients and it is ultra-long acting insulin. For this drug, a yearlong test on 1,030 patients was conducted.  At the end it was inferred that degludec could reduce high blood sugar during the night.

During the conference at the American Diabetes Association, data on many other experiments were presented. Many companies are working on promising projects that are working on creating patches that would enable us to deliver insulin pain free, artificial pancreas etc.

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