Facebook addiction tests show women and young people are at more risk

Social networking websites are good instruments to connect to the world, meet new people, socialize and interact with them online. But one has to keep in mind that everything comes with advantages and also has a fair amount of drawbacks. The social networking website that captures the attention of most people nowadays is Facebook. It has become a rage among the youngsters and also other age groups. These social networking websites make their website attractive and luring to their users so that more and more people join them.

But this is causing people to become glued to their computers and laptops for using this website which leading to detrimental effects on their social and personal life. They have become addicted to these websites and their addiction is similar to that of alcoholics and drug addicts. It has been found out by researchers that most of the people who are getting adversely affected of such websites are youngsters, women and also those who are suffering from low self-esteem. Facebook dependency is the word used for a person who uses this website redundantly Youngsters are using much of their time to get connected to new people around the world and make new friends, but this is also causing them to forget their social and personal life. It’s affecting their studies adversely and is unpropitious for them if used too much.

Facebook has provided a platform for people who have low self-esteem and are shy of interacting with people face to face. It doesn’t help them in getting rid of their problem instead aggravates it.There are many cases of people creating fake profiles putting up false information about them. I. The chances of fraud and misunderstandings between people are intensified. It is increasingly becoming a menace for young girls and women. People lose their security easily by uploading loads of personal information and also insights into their day to day activities. Personal life isn’t personal when someone gets excessively involved into social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and others. It’s addicting for women as there’s a lot of gossiping going on about feminine issues and topics. People tend to upload comments and photos which might be hurtful and offensive to others and this might be the reason for creating rifts between friends and family.

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