Facebook related anxiety is real and is avoidable

Facebook has largely become a phenomenon that has been more pervasive than Google or YouTube put together. Its effects have been felt over a wide range of aspects like friendships, politics and business while it has increased the depth of virtual interactions through its very interestingly designed platform. The global reach of Facebook has not only made records but also broken a few. It has given people an opportunity to connect with long lost friends and estranged family members while acting as a consistent connectivity medium to those who are far away from their loved ones. Facebook’s meteoric rise has had profound effects on the way human beings are connected and how they react. Adding a new facet to human social and cultural cognition, Facebook has induced a new realm of study in the context of technology shaped human behavior and interactions.

While new chapters in human behavioral study have been added thanks to Facebook, there have been some not so glamorous social repercussions of this Facebooking phenomena which although has taken almost all age groups by a storm, the negative externalities of using Facebook are what is being highly discussed among psychologists and neuroscientists who are understanding and discovering the various anxiety caused related issues by using and having large number of friends on Facebook. It turns out that the issues are proportional with the number of friends one has usually as a result of having to face and get acquainted with the achievements of others. While this issue in the real world scenario causes enough anxiety causing a great deal of mental and emotional taxation to those who are not rational enough to accept their fate or make necessary amends in their attitudes, the issue for these folks can turn out to be graver and more intensified.

Disparaging and belittling one’s own achievements and prospects in comparison of those of others have made people anxious about their virtual image and force them to present themselves in a manner that is one dimensional and not a true reflection of one’s being. While studies are conducted and conferences held to tackle the issue, it is mostly on the part of the people themselves to realize that happiness is sought inside of oneself and not outside.

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