Facebook steps up security for its users

Facebook has often received stick from various quarters for its lax security policies putting user information at risk. The social networking site to its credit has often chopped and changed its privacy and security policies to get it right; however in the public eye it still hasn’t done anything substantial to tackle the menace.

In a solid move towards stringer measures to beef up its security, Facebook has come out with its new move to partner with fellow Internet companies to provide enhanced security. The company is partnering with the likes of Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec to offer extra protection to what it already offers. The move is set to protect users from malicious URLs in addition to spam, phishing and viruses.

“Our URL blacklist system, which scans trillions of clicks per day, will now incorporate the malicious URL databases from these security companies to augment our existing level of protection,” an excerpt from the blog post by Facebook, which further adds “So whenever you click a link on our site, you benefit not just from Facebook’s existing protections, but the ongoing vigilance of the world’s leading corporations involved in computer security.”

Apart from this new initiative, it is also taking security measures a step further with its launch of AV Marketplace. Users can download full version anti-virus softwares of Facebook’s partners with a valid six month license. Users have the luxury of choosing between the likes of Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, or Symantec.

Facebook is also encouraging users to like its own security page for them to receive regular updates and education material from the various anti-virus providers. The blog post also refers to Facebook’s URL blacklist system, which has expanded under the update. The percentage of spam on Facebook it says is 4% – significantly lesser than the 90% prevalent in e-mails. In spite of that, they are looking to bring that number down.

The move to increase security comes at the right time as the social networking site recently revealed that the number of users had gone up to 901 million, many believe that the number could touch 1 billion before the company’s much anticipated IPO.

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