Facebook will now be victim of the Angry Bird attack, You’ll Love It

In a move that is likely to be the most posted news on the popular social networking website Facebook, Angry Birds the most downloaded, purchased and played game that was first launched with Apple iOS in Decemeber 2009, will now be available for internet users on Facebook. Developed by the Finnish gaming powerhouse company, Rovio, the game received immense success when it was made available to Apple user. Very soon as the popularity of the game surged, the game started appearing on in its online and desktop versions. Featuring wingless angry birds that need to be slingshot at unstable structures that house pigs, was popularized further due to comical style, addictive game play and low price. The game gained immense popularity amongst teens and youngsters while there is no denying that almost all age groups took an instant liking to the game.

Regarded as the most mainstream game out there in the market, the development of the Facebook version the game was an inevitable choice for the developers. They have interestingly included additional aspects of that game incorporating social networking specific plug-ins and game play options. The Facebook version of Angry Birds is set to include Facebook specific levels and networking-enabled competition features that lets users invite and compete against their friends on Facebook.

While the company that developed the most popular game of 2010 is setting its eyes on going public in 2012, its addition to Facebook when the social networking website is set to go public will be like a testing ground for Angry Birds. The game was launched on Facebook just hours before 12 a.m EST when the game was due to be officially launched in Jakarta.

The inclusion of two popular and fittingly suitable brands of two aspects that perhaps dictate a substantial use of internet, i.e., gaming and social networking will have repercussions for future inclusions that will reshape the method of gaming and online competition in virtual games as we know it. Angry Birds will be the first game to be available in a Facebook after being loved and played outside it. The future of gaming is set to be altered forever if the marriage between Angry Birds and Facebook works out.

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