Family Matters

Broken Christian families need witty repair, a token of friction to whammies that read a Trinity’s care.  The present inferno in unfortunate souls is the unpleasantblow of mordant moles: ATHEISTS.  Capitalizing on biblical innuendo is the erotic seizure of parents by tantalizing a critical low that bears chaotic leaders: PARROTS.  The squawk of their subliminal undertaking is their balk to the hymnal, forsaking the torn Samaritan.  Its audacity isthe allure of dark venom, cysts in a body of legality that spark the tour of requiem.  Pro-typical governments elope domestic values as their political servants gropea heretic “to-do list.”  They rile upthose who yearn for God’s scriptural representation, an exile that crows and churns literal demonization of the Bible.  This secretary is an agent of terrorism, a ferry to a blatant idealism of kingship.  A dreamed peace in households is wickedly creamed to police the fold of divinity.  At the dinner table’s discussion parents should bat the sinner whose fables, seduction and carrots are criminal.

This bed of caterpillars sprawl from the X generation’s play are not butterflies unfortunately; instead a solicitor’s crawl towards checks of deprecation, a way to chastise Christianity.  Curses in a Churchlob at booths’providence to the sign of revelations are hearses of verses that lurch a slob for our youths’ disobedience to God’s divine relations.  Brash and opinionated sermons pollute domesticity, a trash of fornicated burden that toots unaccountability tothe Trinity.  The consequences are one’s Holy Ghost that creams this plight and flutter, a knight that possesses and grossly coats dreams in utter spite of dictatorship.  A nightmare that power embeds tyrannically haunts prayer as a chair that now towers over the FEDS blasphemy and taunts their unfair practices.  Complex challenges are this spirit’s checks and balances!

The hustle and peddle of true family values is God’s muscle, a kettle’s brew of hope.  He whistles for a reborn gracefulness, statutes that chisel scorn for the Illuminati’s ageless brutes.  Gone are the days of broad theology due to its flawed spawn and itscraze for Scientology.  Blame is assigned to a Catholic enforcement’s famed grind and emphatic endorsement of religious improvisation.  Clergy who embark on biblical extrapolation deserve not pity, but a stark and whimsical flagellation for such nerve.  Centralization for conspiring train of thought is the sensitization’s wiring to an insane plot: WAR.  This systemized approach is the insanity of one’s victimized and poached family.

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