Firefox 11 to Include Long Awaited Support for Syncing Add-ons

Firefox- one of the leading browsers in the market today has had Firefox Sync as a part of it for some time now, however it has not seen any important changes in Firefox 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. In what comes as great news is that it is about to change.

First up, there are slew of changes lined up for the Firefox Sync experience that are part of Firefox 10. Developers are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that it is less intrusive and easy to understand.

Firefox sync synchronizes your experience of using Firefox across different computers. To enable user experience it syncs all your information like passwords, bookmarks and even your browser history. It is a very integral part of how the location bar or awesome bar (as Firefox fans like to call it) works. Till now, the sync was unable to sync all your Firefox add-ons across multiple commuters, which is set to change in Firefox 11.

Users previously used external third party applications for the add-ons to be synced. Tools like Siphon, and Mozilla’s own Add-on-collector were serving the purpose for users to sync add-ons. Once Firefox 11 is out, it will prevent users from using an extra add-on or creating a new account for this purpose.

The way the add-on sync works currently keeps abusive uses at bay. It syncs all extensions, but only the ones that are part of the trusted Mozilla add-on database. Such an initiative will make sure that one instance of a malicious add-on will prevent wreaking havoc across multiple instances. It is also more efficient as the add-on can be taken out of Mozilla’s repository rather than having them stored on its Sync servers. A point to note is that, custom files and preferences of add-ons are not synchronized.

For all those who are keen to check out the new feature, you will have to wait till March 2012; that is the expected release timing of Firefox 11. Once you get around to having it, make sure you enable Firefox sync for add-ons from the Sync preferences.

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