Five Tips For Getting Your Children Excited to Learn

Want to get your children excited about learning but don’t know how? Here are five tips that will help.

1- Hands on learning is fun and exciting.

Explore the vast outdoors. Have the child gather samples of water in different ponds and view them through a dual power stereo microscope. What is that squiggling under your eye? Collect rock and soil samples from a hike. Don’t forget leaves and worms. When a child shows interest in a craft,sport or even a musical instrument, be sure to support them the best you can. I enjoyed yarn crafts as a child, and learned to crochet and knit with my grandmothers help.

2- Children learn by example, so open a book and disappear into another place and time.

Dr. Seuss wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” Use this to stimulate your child to read. Even children too young to read will enjoy looking and learning from picture books.

3- Cooking and baking utilize basic math skills.

How much fun your child will have measuring, mixing,timing and watching cupcakes bake. Have them help you gather the needed ingredients and teach them the importance of each for the finished yummy goodness.

4- Help your child grow a small garden they can manage.

If space is limited, grow vegetables in individual colored pots. A red colored pot for tomatoes, green for peppers, etc. Radishes are fast growers. As they prepare the ground teach the importance of healthy soil. Drop in the seeds, water and nurture the plants, watch them grow. Eat and enjoy the finished produce. Each step in the growing process the child will learn life skills.

5- Expose children to a variety of experiences including, music, plays, sports travel, and dance.

Visit a zoo and a variety of museums. There is no better place to learn about different animals than your local zoo. Stop at a bookstore or library before your visit and pick up a book about zoo animals to take with you. When you stop at the lion’s cage or bat cave, read to your child from the book about the animal’s characteristics. Once home, the child will want to pick up and read the book again and re-experience their zoo visit each time.

Make Learning more hands on. And watch your children have fun as they grow, and learn.

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