Four girls from South Korea take over the girl band scene, redefine it and win acclaim

Four girls from South Korea of Chinese descent who form the girl band stylized as miss A started performing in 2010 and have taken the Korean music scene and its audience by storm. Hugely successful in the Far East, miss A members hope to go international as much as their fans would like to see them do so. Individually starting their music careers through passionate diligence and after several groupings and regroupings, the band with four members with a dream of making it big in the music arena was conceptualized and hence began the success story of these small town girls from China rocking the music scene in South Korea. Soon they’ll be rocking on a television screen near you.

The group which organically materialized in its current state began when it was 5-member group in 2009. They performed and gained the confidence to appear and sing in front of thousands of fans early in their lives. With their career goals shaped around music, the four gelled well together and eventually, after several changes in their group names, settled on the name ‘miss A’. Comprising of Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy, the girls are aged between 24 and 17 with Suzy being the youngest and also the lead vocalist followed by Fei who assumes the role of main vocalist. Min is the main dancer and Jia is the main rapper.

Starting with Bad but Good, an album consisting of a mere four songs, miss A topped several charts and was awarded as well. Later on, miss A released their second album Step Up released on September 30 in which they conceptualized the entire feel inversely to their first one. The recently released album Touch is miss A’s comeback project released on Feb 20 2012. Already creating waves in the Far East, the latest from miss A is creating ripples across the world. Four talented Chinese girls who are not just beautiful and slender but are also superior vocalists and have great musical sensibility are the next best thing in music and culture from the Far East to the saturated West.

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