Friendship is priceless

A good friend is hard to come by these days, where everybody has their own agendas and are plotting on one another on a continuous basis.

Purity, in my world, is synonymous with friendship.  Both sides in a relationship need to pick up one another’s spirits and keep each other from feeling downtrodden.  In other words, friends keep their buddies’ souls clean and free of negative elements.  A friendship can take many forms but the one thing that is always the same is that it reaps the human emotion LOVE.  Not in a sexual way, but in a way that clears doubt, fears, and troubling mindsets.  If you are without a friend, you are doomed to be tormented by the many demons that exist in the world.  Protection is included in a friendship; we all have fears and need our friends to keep us brave and free of inner turmoil.

The world needs heroes like someone who can carry the torch of supreme love and offer his or her friendship to absolute strangers.  It gets lonely sometimes and the masses need to look to a particular individual’s strength to alleviate their sorrows and dismay.  When one person has the ability to offer his friendship to someone in the dumps, oh what a beautiful thing it is!  The friend gives advice and strips away, or denounces, all the inadequacies of the ailing individual.  Thus, the person has someone to lean on when times get rough and can count on their hero to always be there to save the day and whisk them away into a better state of mind.

It is important to shed light on the very important fact that a friendship is a two-way street.  It is not right that one leach all the “chi” and affection out of their friend and not return the favor.

There is no such thing as hierarchy in friendship.  Both people have to be grounded and be on the same level because that is the only way personal strength and blissful awareness can blossom.  A friendship is priceless and it is imperative that one’s “baggage” not overload and stifle the progress of his or her loving friend.

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