Germany’s Sebastian Vettel Set to Ride a New Mean Machine

Having earned accolades from all quarters after his groundbreaking performance last year reaching pole position, Sebastian Vettel is looking forward to dominate 2012 F1 as well. Only 24 years old, the young German has made his detractors eat their own words after his win last year and an awesome performance record that reminded people of the F1 racing legend Michael Schumacher. Sponsored by Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel is set to create newer records yet again in a brand new Red Bull RB8 car that has been revealed and will serve as Vettel’s ride in the 2012 season.

While there are increasingly favorable career jumps happening for Vettel since his last year spectacle, some are of the opinion that his performance streak and dominance on the race track makes more sense when it is consistent and is sustained until the end of the season. While some have definitely been disconcerted by the fanfare that following the 24 year old’s 2011 win, others believe that it a fair due to the young sportsman whose showmanship have reminded people of Michael Schumacher.

However, in all fairness and the sophistication of the sport, Sebastian Vettel will hae to own up his previous win and prove his consistence on the race track. With racers like Jenson Button following Sebastian Vettel’s scores by a close second, Sebastian Vettel’s mettle, so to speak, is yet to be tested against gruesome competition and this year’s going to present all the challenges for this young German while the same is a profound opportunity for his contemporaries and critics. These challenges nevertheless are also an opportunity for Sebastian Vettel to develop himself and mature as he’s been doing so since last year. His maturity level and strength at handling difficult situations on and off the track has made him confident and it shows. In addition, the Red Bull team is under pressure for defending two titles and setting even higher standards which need to be higher than what they’ve already set. In all probability, this new mean machine for Vettel is a strategy of Red Bull to encourage the best with the best.

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