Getting ready for election 2012

Ahead of the 2012 presidential elections, American politics is already experiencing a little pressure with the candidates of the upcoming election trying to take the first spot in the public eyes. The United States presidential elections are to be held on Tuesday the 6th of November of this year. The pressure of the elections and its outcome is building up on the competitors; Barack Obama is being challenged by Mitt Romney who is the former governor of Massachusetts. The others comprise of Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson who is also the former governor of New Mexico.

The first sign of the pressure building up was seen when Mitt Romney criticized president Obama’s comments to the business owners. The current US president is believed to have said that the business owners of America owe their success to the support extended by the US government to them. He also talked about the increase in the tax payable by them towards the government. He said that some part of appreciation of the success of the business owners should also be given to the government for its efforts. Mitt Romney supporting the entrepreneurs criticized the President saying that these people work hard and relentlessly for the nation’s growth and are the backbone of the country.

But the remarks of the President were defended by their spokesman when he said that no one ever doubts the entrepreneur’s initiative, hard work, creativity, but is just trying to say that the government also supports them sufficiently so that they prosper and make a contribution to the country’s growth. But Obama’s campaign urged that the President’s remarks were accurate because every person who is successful or has earned some wealth has done so with some support and encouragement from someone, or maybe the government. Some of the small business owners too agree to this by extending their support to Obama’s comments on this issue saying that they wouldn’t have been able to fulfill their entrepreneurial goals if they lacked the support of the government. The point shown by Obama makes so much more sense than his challenger’s criticism, because it’s logical that every successful person becomes successful with someone’s support and encouragement. Every entrepreneur in the country may work hard and may be smart but not to the extent that he wouldn’t require anyone’s assistance.

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