Google Chrome now for Android

Google has introduced its desktop web browser Chrome for its Android handhelds allowing an easy movement between your desktop and your smartphone or tablet. This is a beta version of Chrome and will focus on speed and simplicity. This brings all of Chrome’s fabulous features to your handheld making it super convenient to use on the move.

Users can transfer seamlessly from their desktop to their smart phone or tabloids with easy sign-in and sync, so that any personalization of your browser is accessible wherever you go. This means that your web browsing experience will now be personalized across all your devices as long as you sign-in to your account.

This personalization and uniformity of experience weather on the desk top or the handheld also works on tabs. When you open a tab on your handheld version of Chrome it will automatically also be found on your desktop version just as long as you make sure to sign in. Any bookmarks or favorites saved on one device will also similarly transfer to the other.

This version of Chrome for the Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) will use the ‘Omnibox’ combining the search box, and the address bar just like the desktop version. This enables quicker web searches as top results show up automatically in the background as text is types into the Omnibox.

Another unique feature of Chrome for Android is that here tabs are treated in a different manner than they are in other mobile browsers, so that they fit better on the smaller phone, or tablet screens. Moving between these tabs is much like HP/Palm’s WebOS, using gestures and treating the tabs like a deck of cards.

The many advances in mobile technology in the spheres of hardware and software have now resulted in a world where you take your computer with you wherever you go.

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