Google gets Motorola to defend its position against rival Apple

In a substantial bid to defend its current position, Google has been working on a number of fronts like launching a social networking platform, revamping its privacy policy, revamping its web persona and now the unparalleled and yet unrivalled search giant has acquired several patents from Motorola as a strategic move to strengthen the Android phone market. It is expected that new models of Motorola will now bear the Android version that will be seen as Google’s expansion into the mobile sphere that is currently dominated by smart phones from Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and the recently launched Lumia series from Nokia.

With an initial profile of a mere search engine, Google has delivered immense value to internet users through its thoughtful email platform and the recently launched social networking facet for its users, Google+. Although the latter hasn’t caught on, Google’s strategy is to enable the Android market by acquiring the mobile giant Motorola to extent the influence of its products over to the mobile users, which is being seen as a highly portent market especially in the Asian and South Asian markets where mobile use and presence has more than quadrupled in the last few years.

Late last evening, the news emerged that the U.S Department of Justice had given a green signal for the Google’s acquisition petition. In addition, Apple Inc was permitted to acquire a large number of patents from the bankrupt Canadian company Nortel networks adding to Apple’s trove of patents that will be considered as its safeguard against the Google’s acquisition og Motorola’s patents that are said to be almost 17,000 in number in addition to 7500 patent applications.

While there has been speculations about the use these recently acquired patents will be put, European Competition commissioner was heard addressing the issue of misuse, especially by the Google which already has a flawed record when it comes to respecting people’s privacy. In this effect, the Justice Department has made clear in its ruling that Google will be kept under a serious watchful eyes regarding its commitments which as of now seem unclear.

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