Google’s Jelly Bean jar

Google has been designing operating systems starting from the android beta in the year 2007 and each one of these operating systems was nicknamed after something. One of the latest versions of these operating systems was named ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ and version that is next in line to this one is the latest Android operating system Jelly Bean v4.1. This version of the new operating system ‘Jelly Bean’ launched by the search giant improvises in many aspects than its predecessor and has many new features which are already a hit among the people.

Jelly Bean OS lately has been making headlines, but all the credit may not be given to its remarkable features but also to the giant sculpture of the ‘Jelly Bean Jar’ shaped like the android mascot on the Google campus. It may be taken that this is an attempt by Google to promote its new operating system in a way no one has ever done before, except Google itself, and also bring to the notice of the people that these versions of the OS are worth all these efforts. It had a magnificent journey from the place it was manufactured with chunks of Styrofoam in New Jersey its current position. The interesting thing about this sculpture is that it was prepared in a single week. All the workers were assigned this work with a deadline of one week and they have worked relentlessly to prepare this remarkable sculpture and it sure is making which was the major motive.

These giant jelly beans in the Jelly Bean Jar are all handmade from Styrofoam and then coated with a layer of plastic and then painted colorfully to resemble a rainbow in the Jelly Bean Jar. The name of the company which prepared this sculpture is Tremendous. This is the same company which manufactured its (Google’s) other giant dessert sculptures like the ‘Froyo’, ‘Gingerbread’ and ‘Honeycomb’. The workers are all happy that their work has paid off and the sculpture is now sitting tall at the Google headquarters alongside the preceding giant dessert sculptures. This shows that Google has really outdone itself by preparing this sculpture and giving a warm welcome to the latest android version ‘The Jelly Bean’.

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