Got Christ?

What is America’s political landscape going to look like?  Is evangelical dogma going to sprout out within the “state” and take part in politics the way the tea party always wanted?  Or is the separation between the church and state going to take heed and people like Rick Santorum will be wiped out of the box for good.  Presidential candidates like him are not wanted in my world of politics because the ideology he lives by is mid-evil in some respects and outdated.  If Christianity gets the nomination for president instead of an actual person, what would be the good in that?  Don’t get me wrong though!

The GOP candidates are all in support of all forms of religious freedom so who to say a Buddhist wouldn’t be president one day.

With all four republicans running in the presidential race to the White House being Christian; it’s comical how they wear their religious badges as political police of the so-called “splendid world of Christ and all his glory.” In a way they say I got Christ. I am a believer in Christ and it is imperative that for me to be a GoodSamaritan as an American citizen I separate myself from Jesus’ teachings and grow up as my own man in an America that is dog eat dog.  It is not necessary for me to be Christ’s absolute disciple because there are more important things to life like helping people, praying for the end of the disease, and being a model citizen that plays his role and follow the all-knowing script.

What is going on in the private sector of our country is what should take precedence over everything else…lets loose the church related nonsense that doesn’t put any money into our pockets.  God cares for simple things, and in today’s complex technology-driven age it is important to notice the distinction and learn to live on both sides of the isle in an efficient manner.  Politics has little room for nonsensical train of thought that inhibits the advancement of scientific endeavor and higher learning.  The old times are over, out with the old and in with the new!

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