Graduate Right: 5 Degrees that Can Get You a Job at Almost Any Business

It is difficult enough to find a good job these days, let alone with a company that you truly want to work for. You need to find a versatile degree that will work for your career path, even if you are not sure exactly what you want to do yet. Here are a few degrees versatile enough to help you secure a job even if you are unsure about your future:

Computer Information Systems

A computer information systems degree can do wonders for your career, especially with the emergency of technology in the workforce. Obtaining a UAB Information Systems Masters online will help boost your stock in any field, especially as businesses are looking to fulfill their needs. This degree will teach you everything you need to know about software development, coding and engineering.

Business Administration

One of the most versatile degrees, by far, is the business administration degree. Businesses want to hire candidates who can plan, organize and communicate effectively. These are essential skills that can be used in almost any position. It is valuable for potential employees to understand the value of business ethics.

Healthcare Administration

Jobs in the healthcare sector are expected to increase in the coming years. With so much expected growth, businesses want to stay on top of the changes. These degree programs focus on accounting, business and health care practices. You will also learn human resources and communication skills that will prove useful in a career.

Public Relations

In the past, communication and journalism degrees could lead to stagnant careers. Today, these degrees can lead to careers within the social media arena. Businesses want employees who can manage their reputations online. For this reason, communication is a great program to look into.


Fiscal management and tax preparation are significant areas for accounting majors to learn. In this program, you will learn how to manage financial paperwork and how to manage funds. Both major firms and smaller businesses need assistance in this area, making an accounting degree incredibly valuable. In addition, it is possible for you to work for a variety of businesses during tax season.

If you are unsure about your future career path, you can obtain a degree in any one of these fields and find work. While this certainly not a guarantee, obtaining the perfect degree will make it much easier for you to find the job you have been looking for.

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