Hackers Hack A Confidential Phone Call

A confidential conversation between the FBI and Scotland Yard has been hacked by a Computer hacking group called Anonymous. This conversation that has been posted online deals with the arrest of a 15 year old for hacking his school website, and also covered updates on on-going court cases.

Anonymous was able to hack into the FBI email and get information about the intended call which they used to listen in on the call. In addition to the conversation the email was also posted online.  They also posted a boastful message on Twitter about their having been able to read the FBI’s internal communication for some time.

The FBI in reply has said that it is hunting for the perpetrators of this cyber crime and confirmed that the confidential call had been intercepted. The phone call was to do with an ongoing investigation on both sides of the Atlantic into hacking groups like Anonymous, Lulzsec, Antisec, and associated splinter groups.  The recording of the conversation that was posted on Youtube reveals legally sensitive information about an ongoing court case against Ryan Cleary an alleged member of the group LulzSec who was arrested last June. It also refers to a 15 year old listed member of a three member group called CSLSec who was arrested for hacking his school website and an incident called ‘Operation Mayhem”.

The conversation about the 15 year old UK hacker revealed that he has confessed to his crimes and that the he is a teenage boy seeking attention. In response to Tweets disparaging his confession by a member of the Anonymous group this unnamed boy seems to have responded by saying that he has been teaching himself hacking since he was 12 and that he has hacked many websites. He also says that he has earned money designing websites and used this money to invest in stocks etc. He is not worried about the FBI as he is a UK citizen and even though he and his PC are under the scanner, he has access to other laptops etc which he can still use.

This trend with young children getting involved in illegal activity with no sense of morality is scary and seems to indicate that for this child at least making mischief and money are all that really seems to matter.

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