Hard working Americans and the media push Romney towards his goal

While many would agree that reporting the American elections is much like reporting a sports contest where each side has supporters who continue rooting for their side’s hero until their win or loss is inevitably evident and then all goes quiet until the next game of showmanship and competition is up people’s TV sets. This is to say that media and supporters form a combination that when used correctly to influence the latter and when the latter is essentially in agreement with one’s policies and outlook for the future, then a win is not far away.

This is exactly what happened with Romney, some would say. Working class women who choose Romney over conservative and stricter Santorum helped him recover his narrow win in Michigan yet again with a whisker. Although Romney’s initial wins has propelled him to wield a considerable gap between him and Santorum, Michigan and Ohio showed that it would be easy to carry on without realizing that there was opposition to his views and opinions especially that support gay marriage and other issues specifically un-conservative in nature.

Romney’s Ohio win was by a whisker and unlike before, he couldn’t create a large decisive victory to bolster his position although he won. While the pressure on democrats has been persistent in terms of abortion rights and contraception, Romney’s advantage was that he was at loggerheads with democrats in this opinion. Santorum lost out at the ballot for exactly these reasons and reasons that many though did not make sense, like gay marriage abolition. Out of ten states, Romney has clinched 6 and Santorum has made his victory clear in 4.  The Ohio victory was surprising as was Michigan because of the very fact that exit polls showed a very tough victory for Romney. Many believe that it was his opposition to current government’s outlook on women’s right to abortion and contraception that made his win possible. This and also perhaps Rush Limbaug tirade on Obama’s policies that made the decision to vote for Romney sink deep into their psyches. Funny the way the combination of media and receptive audiences can be fruitful for some while disastrous for others.

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