Haye and Chisora get into a fight again. This time it’s outside the ring

One of the most watched and most anticipated of all fights in Great Britain was later on marred with a heavy brawl between the two boxers David Haye and Dereck Chisora. The British Boxing arena was faced with the question of sportsmanship of its patrons and players when a charade ensued between the boxing heavyweights at the Munich Presser. The videos that were made of the bloody fight became instant viral and spread across like wildfire. While it could be debated between fans of both boxers if the entire episode was justified, the tarnished image presented to the world about British Boxing world will be something hard to repair.

Lasting from start to finish for less than six to seven minutes, the verbal commotion at a rather peaceful conference began when David Haye made an unexpected and pretty much unwelcome appearance at the Press conference which was held to commemorate Dereck Chisora’s win a day before. With David Haye interrupting Chrisora’s winning glory, Chrisora, after considerable delay got probably with an intention to end the charade. However, what ensued was neither expected nor pleasant to look at. With the two men at loggerheads and going for each other’s throats, a boxing match almost began. The only difference was that this time, the deadly game of boxing was being witnessed outside the ring and not inside. More than gloves being used to throw punches, the British heavyweights were throwing tripods and everything they could find around them.

The fight took an unprecedented turn after two minutes or saw after the verbal altercations between Haye and Chisora when the two got into throwing punches with no control over where they went. While the duo was amidst a crowd neither of them gave any attention to what consequences their violent behavior would present. In the process, Haye ended up hitting his own trainer over his head. The fight literally was occurring on the floor in front of the spectators eyes who probably were wondering if what they’d come for was a press conference or a public ad-hoc boxing match outside the boxing ring.

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